Amy Keber

Taking the Long Way to the Altar

The dress was fitted, the reception hall reserved. Everybody was doing it, and Amy Keber was next in line to marry her college sweetheart, until a summer trip to Hilton Head Island gave her heart a seductive tug.
In July of 1991, just out of nursing school, Amy came to the island for a summer job, some fun in the sun and a taste of freedom. "I had never been away from home except for college," she said. By October, she was in love-not with another man, but with a lifestyle that beckoned her to stay.

When the summer ended and her hometown friends returned to Kentucky, Amy made the decision to keep her job at the Hilton Head Hospital (now known as Hilton Head Regional Medical Center). An only child, returning home to break the news to her parents was tough, the decision to break her engagement even tougher. But it was her mom who ultimately gave Amy her wings. "My mom sat me down and said 'you don't have to do this [get married],'" Amy explained. With the weight of the world off her shoulders, she said her goodbyes and packed her bags, leaving the emotional baggage behind.

Shortly afterward, when her parents came to visit, her mom spent a day at the beach with Amy and her group of friends, including Peter Keber, a good-looking bartender Amy had met over the summer. At the end of her stay, she advised, "That Peter Keber is a keeper."

That's when Amy began to think he might be "the one." Starting out as good friends, they began dating. After a six-year, slow simmer, on March 1, 1997, Peter took Amy to dinner. She noticed he seemed nervous. Later that evening, after telling her all the reasons she was the one for him, he presented her with a diamond ring and asked her to be his wife. The following September, they tied the knot.

Unfortunately, Amy's mom, Jenny Carr, could not attend the wedding. Residing in heaven since 1993, she was there in Amy's heart, where a legacy of family love beats stronger every day. And Amy is ever grateful that her precious mother had the wisdom and insight to save her from what could have been the biggest mistake of her life.

In 1999, pregnant with her first child, Amy gave up her job at the hospital. Today, the Kebers have three beautiful children and a whole different life. The compromises required mostly involve time. (Peter is the early riser and gets the kids ready for school. They share transportation duties and take turns pursuing their separate leisure activities.) "It's really not compromising. It's more consideration," said Amy.

Amy now works one day a week at a local physician's office, but most of her time is devoted to family. The Kebers make a point of having a "date night" once a week, aiming to keep it spontaneous and fun like the old days. But one of their favorite activities is "Slumber Party Night"-a cozy family gathering complete with PJs, popcorn, pillows and a movie.
Their number one goal as a couple is to help their children grow up and become good people. When that is accomplished, Amy says they will concentrate on having fun again: "I think we'll travel and just hang out."

Up Close
Hometown: Versailles, KY Family: husband, Pete; children, Peter, age 8, Caroline, age 6-1/2 and Daniel, age 5; shelter dog, Harvey, age 12 Friends and loved ones describe her as: kind, honest, loyal, faith-filled and fun-loving. She has modeled her life after: her mom. "She was a very kind person and just did good things for people." said Amy, also praising her dad, Steve for a lifetime of family devotion. When not on mommy duty, she enjoys: reading, shopping, spa visits and hanging out with girlfriends. Life motto: "Cherish the time with loved ones. Our time on earth is brief and uncertain."