September 2014


September 2014

September 2014 | Vol. 11 No. 9



Featured Women

Dolores Blusewicz
Mission Accomplished

Audrey Klenke, M.D.
Doctor by Destiny

Trudie Lobban
Life Path of the Heart

Dene McCain
Smooth Sailing

Tosha Suggs
Bucket List Adventures

Delores Surprenant
Stepping it Up

Monthly Reads

Carolee Clark
About the Artist

Quote of the Month

Hissy Fit
Quit Hovering

Skating Uphill
Living A Health Lifestyle

Style Takeover
Faris Feuers

Pink RX

Reel Corner
Movies Help Readers

Featured Stories

Tying One On:
Scarf Style Trends 2014

10 Surprising Things That Trigger "Fight-or-Flight"

Shopping Pays—
Even for Healthcare

Traveling This Fall?
7 Ways to Stay on the Path


Cruise Control—A Wise Woman's Guide to Automobiles

Selling Your Car
Prepping Your Car For Sale By Owner

The Sky is Falling!
How to Remove Bird Droppings from Your Car

Car Buying Fees
Understanding Which Ones to Pay and Which to Avoid

Before You Buy
Making the Most of Your Test-Drive

Fix A Flat
How to Change a Flat Tire Safely and Quickly

Coastal Flavors

The Power of Peanuts
The Healthy Side of Peanuts

From the Kitchen of Le Bistro
A Behind-the-Scenes Look

What's Up with Low-Carb Diets?


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