Pink's Style Takeover - July 2014

Cat Wayland


Story and Photography by Elizabeth Skenes Millen

Meet Cat Wayland:

Cat Wayland is a classic example of the sandwich generation, which is defined as a generation of people, typically in theirs late 30s, 40s or early 50s, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents. In addition to being the mother of two sons, ages 9 and 11, Cat is caring for her ill mother.

After an early, fast-paced, high-pressure career in the publishing industry in New York City, Cat and her family moved to Hilton Head Island in search of a calmer place to raise children. After taking on the role of stay-at-home-mom for seven years, she returned to school to become a teacher. She is currently an ESOL (English of speakers of other languages) teacher at Hilton Head Middle School for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

“I’m like a lot of moms. I’m not wearing satin jammies and fretting over makeup everyday," Cat stated. However, recently she has started to workout and get back involved with herself. “I’m trying to make a willful choice to be me, so when the kids leave there is someone left behind to have a life.” That is why Cat was excited to spend some time at The Ocean Tides Spa at the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort. What better place to begin to find yourself than at a beautiful, beach spa.
Cat’s makeover began with a major discussion with Hair Stylist Julia Lynch about the future of the color of her hair. Cat was adamant about not going dark. However, Julia, with her professional eye, knew that darker was the way to go. Her goal was to remove the myriad of color stages, as well as refresh the color by adding richness and depth, making it look more natural.
Thus began the color job to end all color jobs. Cat had very long hair. Though Julia cut off four to five inches before applying the color, there was still a thick, long head of hair to tackle. Once covering the entire head of hair with an overall brown, Julia infused undertones and highlights to achieve amazing results. Cat was still skeptical.
However, that was only the beginning of Cat’s skepticism, but after a delicious, complimentary Mimosa, she decided she would just go with the flow. That’s when Julia proposed a brow wax. We quickly learned Cat had never done anything with her brows—no waxing, no plucking, nothing. She told us her students were always saying, “Mrs. Wayland, you need to pluck your brows!” even offering to do it for her. Off she went to the brow room, returning moments later with a new brow line and attitude.

“They look great. I can’t believe the difference. If that was all I had done today it has made such a difference,” Cat exclaimed. Cat’s excitement became more and more visible with each step of the makeover process. Next, it was time for a manicure, but first it was to the wall of polishes to pick out a color. Cat chose a sassy hot pink called “Life of the Party” by SpaRitual, an all-natural, toxin-free nail polish line. Her choice was matching her vibe because things were definitely getting fun.

With the manicure finished, the rest of us were biting our nails as Julia removed the foils to reveal the color. It looked good, but it was still wet. Julia continued next with the cut. The goal was to shape up and add style. This was done by cutting off some of the frizzed ends and adding layers. Julia also cut more around Cat’s face to give her a nice, complementary shape. Then, the truth about the color was revealed with the blow dry. Julia was right on because Cat loved it! In fact, she couldn’t believe how good it looked and it became her favorite part of the makeover. “I love my color. Wow, it looks so good. I love my color!” Cat repeated.
With that it was time for makeup. Julia started with an airbrush foundation, which provided beautiful, even, flawless coverage. Then, with quick expertise, she added bronzer, cheek color and focus to the eyes. A cream liner added pop without the heaviness, followed by Cat’s personal, waterproof mascara to enliven the lashes. “I have to wear waterproof mascara. It’s a must because then I can sweat or cry without worrying,” she explained with a smirk. Finally, color was added to the lips and we were off to Current’s in the Village at Wexford for new clothes.

Knowing only a few details about Cat, Sue DeLoach, the manager of Currents, had picked out the perfect pants, top and shoes before we arrived. Amazingly, the outfit was perfect—a great fit, the right colors and completely flattering. With the help of sales associates Barbara Crews and Nichole Soergel, jewelry was added and the final touches were made.

What a fun day. Cat looked stunning and felt even better. Glad she said yes to this makeover, looking deep into the mirror, she exclaimed, “Today has been profound. I feel younger, prettier. I can’t believe what major changes in such simple procedures.” Then with a huge smile and a wealth of revived confidence, she bounced, “I feel sassy and effervescent. I feel like champagne! Oh my gosh…I like myself.”

And that is why we love the monthly makeover.

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The Ocean Tides Spa: Special thanks to the staff at The Ocean Tides Spa at the Omni Hilton Head Island Oceanfront Resort, Andrea Dellers, Manager, Erin Greene, Spa Lead and Julia Lynch, Stylist/Cosmetologist. The Ocean Tides Spa is a full-service spa offering massage, skin care, specialty spa treaments, hair cut and color, manicure/pedicure and ocean side private massage. The Ocean Tides spa is open to local residents, as well as all visitors. You do not have to be a guest at The Omni to book services at the spa. Julia Lynch is currently accepting new clients for hair. She also specializes in wedding parties, offering airbrush makeup and more. To find out more, log on to or call 843-341-8056 for spa reservations.

Currents: A women’s boutique offering unique apparel, accessories and shoes, Currents is a fabulous spot to find something special. Carrying lines such as Brighton, Spartina, Naot, Tribal, and everyone’s favorite, most flattering pant, Mesmerize, Currents is a long-time favorite for fashion forward, stylish women who want to be casual and still look great. A fun and friendly place to shop, Currents is located in the Village at Wexford on Hilton Head Island. For more information, call the store at 843-686-2800.

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