November 2022


November 2022

November 2022

November 2022 | Vol. 19 No. 11

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Featured Profiles

Irene Racine and Lyla Stocker
Lucky to Have Each Other

Carrie B. Lynard Major
& Isabella S. (White) Runnels
Two Lives Intersected by Service

Mary Catherine Rawlinson
& Chandler Jordan
The Very Closest of Friends Forever

Judi Clifford
Five Friends – 50 Years – It’s a God Thing

Amy Lee Caimano
Hear Me Roar

Caitlin Lee & Kate Cornet
Found! Kindred Spirits, Best Friends

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Lisa Rivers
About the Artist

Skating Uphill
Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Reel Corner
Celebrating Food, Family and Thanksgiving

Single File
Dissed by Your Bestie for a Man, Really?

Parenting with John Rosemond
The Most Important Social Courtesy to Teach a Child

Pink Prescriptions
Get in the Bone Zone

Quote of the Month

Community Calendar

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

A Tradition to be Thankful For

Picture Perfect Planters
for Fall and Winter

Wahoo for WAHHI!
Are You One of the 1005 Members?

Reviving Social Awareness in our Youth

Under the Weather?
How You Can Weather the Storm

Coastal Flavors

Festive Favorites
Seasonal Sensations from Domino Sugar

Pump Up the Pumpkin
How “Pumpkin Everything” Can Make Everything Amazing