July 2024

Mama Bear

July 2024

July 2024

July 2024 | Vol. 21 No. 7
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Featured Profiles

Sergeant Major Al’Kedra Tyler

Leading Across the World

Haley Langford Kearnes

Paramedic. Firefighter. Lieutenant. Newlywed.

Alex Clark

Ready to Rock Her Roles

Karen Morris

Hear Me Roar

Kate Cooler
Full Circle—From Victimhood to Victims’ Advocate

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Nancy Patrick Carney
About the Artist

Skating Uphill
Rosie the Riveter

Reel Corner
Summertime at the Movies: Get Ready for 
a Whole Lot of Action, Twists and Fun!

Single File
Augmenters and Diminishers

Pink Prescriptions
The Morning Hobble: Is it Arthritis?

Parenting with John Rosemond
The Bedtime Merry-Go-Round

Quote of the Month

Community Calendar

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

A Win-Win-Win For the Love 
of the Lowcountry Waters and Its People

Two Ways to Paddle Into Pleasure

Lower Your Blood Pressure, Calm Your Nerves, & Revive Your Spirit

An Angel Amongst Us

Corporal Michael Howard

20 Years of July Covers

Enjoy and Reminisce

Coastal Flavors

Sizzle This Summer

Every Get-Together is a Homerun With Ball Park

Lucious & Lemony
Perfect for Summer