August 2020


August 2020

August 2020

August 2020 | Vol. 17 No. 8

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Featured Profiles

Stephanie Treece
Making Waves in a Male-Dominated World

Erin Reichert & Sarah Clemmons
Dropping Some “Sistory” On You

Jeanne Elmore
A Passion for Women’s Rights

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Kelly Simpson Hagen
About the Artist

Parenting by John Rosemond
Vitamin N: Is Your Child Getting Enough?

Skating Uphill
Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Reel Corner
Celebrating the 19th Amendment in Film

Quote of the Month

Pink Prescriptions

Horoscopes with Holiday
Countdown to Uranus Retrograde

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

Empowered 100 Years
A Powerful Meeting of the Minds

Your Nervous System Is Making
You Nervous. Be Resilient!

Stay Sane, My Friends

Celebrating the 19th Amendment’s
100th Anniversary with 10 Local Women

Coastal Flavors

Veg Out
Farm Fresh & Recipe Ready