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Movie Classics

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What makes a film a classic? A movie is a classic if it impacts our culture or community. If it’s memorable, it’s a classic. If it’s nostalgic, it’s a classic. If we watch it numerous times, it’s a classic. If it makes us laugh, cry, cheer, or quote it, it’s a classic. Films have an impact on us much in the way life does—in some ways rather subtly, and in others, quite significantly.

So why watch older films now? In part, because these films demand it. Because the performances and quality of filmmaking are so terrific they are worth watching again. Another reason why classic films are worth watching today is this: What have you seen lately that you can remember one year after you’ve seen, or even one day in some instances?

Perhaps the more people we can get to watch classic films, the better things may become all around…spread the word.

Match the Classic Movie with the Famous Quote:
There are certain films considered classics that have memorable quotes often repeated in conversations, trivia games and commercials. After interviewing moviegoers of various generations on their top classic picks, the Reel Corner’s Top 20 Classic Film Choices were chosen.

(Many thanks to Lynn, Diane, Gabe, Melissa, Sanjay, Judy, Maria, Kaitlin, Sean, James, Christopher, Seth and Sue for their input.) Match the movies below with their quote. Don’t forget to check your answers at the bottom of the article.

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