Pink-Mademann Makeover - December 2018

Kathleen Mirin


Photography by Kathryn Mademann    

Kathleen Mirin
Pink's December Mademann Makeover Candidate

Age: 64
Married to Paul Brophy
for 30 years, 3 children
Been part of the HHI community for over 20 years:
* Past Editor of the Island Packet
* Taught French for 20 years
* Presently friendly food presenter at Publix

It was a beautiful autumn day when Kathryn Mademann had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Mirin.
“A family friend wrote to us at Pink Magazine sharing Kathleen's story, so we contacted her for her lifestyle makeover.” Kathleen confessed she had been working her way out of a persistent type of funk by exercising more and seeing good results in weight loss. “I think this makeover will be just what I need!”

Makeover 3Let's Shop: Grace & Glory
Kathryn got right to work. “As you can see from our “before” picture, Kathleen, like many other women, wasn’t sure what to do for her personal hairstyle and color. Regarding her style for clothes, I demonstrated a few new styles and colors I thought would look great on her.”

“We stopped by Grace & Glory uptown in Beaufort and met with the boutique’s owner Cindy Turnball. Cindy and I decided to feature Kathleen in two outfits.

The first outfit: The color of this one was grand: A blue chenille cardigan with a white top, dark blue jeans and a little bling. 

The second outfit: A beige jacket and camisole with black plants; adding a pretty necklace and red scarf were the perfect accompaniments. 

Both outfits were excellent wardrobe choices for the holidays; their colors and styles complemented Kathleen’s personal canvas and figure,” Kathryn said.

Kathleen’s Thoughts: “I’ll admit I was not sure at all when I saw the pieces selected for me. But Kathryn has a gift and sure knows her stuff. She and Cindy put together two very elegant and flattering outfits—both would be perfect for the holidays. The right accessories completed each look, as well.”

Makeover 4
On Location: Hair Play Salon Color Bar

The duo then met with Alexis Hope Blake, Master Stylist, at Hair Play, Beaufort. “Alexis and I discussed which color and hairstyle would fit Kathleen’s coloring and lifestyle. I think Alexis did a wonderful job, as Kathleen’s eyes widened and began to sparkle.” Kathryn said.

Kathryn added her own special finishing touches for Kathleen’s makeup session using soft colors to illuminate her skin, eyes and lips.

“This has been quite a positive transformation for Kathleen,” Kathryn smiled. “And I could not be happier for her.”

Kathleen added her gratitude: “Thank you, Kathryn, Hair Play, Grace & Glory and Pink Magazine, for making me look and feel 20 years younger!”

Makeover 2

Final Thoughts from Kathleen:

“When I learned Pink Magazine would be giving me a makeover, I was excited,” Kathleen said. “But I was also a little wary of the process. My makeover experience could not have been better: The clothes and jewelry from Grace and Glory fit me to a tee. And, Alexis transformed a “sorry mop” into a “chic do” with a perfect cut and color, creating a smart and easy-to-care-for look, which will suit my busy lifestyle.”

This Month’s Pink-Mademann Makeover Team:

Cindy Turnball, owner, Grace & Glory: G&G has fabulous florals for the Holidays: 1029 Boundary Street, Ste. A, Beaufort. Open Six days; 843.521.4050.  

Alexis Hope Blake with Hair Play Salon Color Bar; 1211 Newcastle Street, Ste. A, Beaufort. Full menu of services: Look Stunning this Season! Call 843.521.1919.

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Makeover 0918 5
Kathryn Mademann is an international style and image consultant. She has worked as a fashion model and as the TV host of “On Trend” a fashion makeover television show. Kathryn’s passion is to help people discover their unique style, regain confidence and feel great about themselves in their personal and professional lives, knowing that confidence is one’s appearance is empowering. She is a guest speaker at Canyon Ranch and Hilton Head Health. Learn more:

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