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Someone finally asked me where the name “Skating Uphill” came from and who thought of it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle column. There is quite a story here, as there are with many things in Pink Magazine. Whenever you find a group of bold, out-there, rowdy ladies, combined with a little wine and a lot of laughs, you are bound to get stories.

About five or six years ago we were all at Elizabeth Millen’s (publisher) house for the annual “Let’s bring an appetizer, photograph them, eat them, drink wine and have a good time photo shoot/party.” It’s the prep work for the November issue where all of our appetizers are beautifully arranged on serving pieces from our advertisers. We each bring an appetizer we really like, along with the recipe.

Well, as we were eating away, someone said how hard it is to keep food promises in the face of all of this, and we all agreed, with our mouths full, of course. We cry that temptation is always with us and I am sure you can imagine how all of that came down. I had recently lost 35 pounds and Elizabeth and Lindsay were also on the way down in pounds. Someone said that losing it was hard, but keeping it off was the REAL battle. It has been said many times, but that afternoon it really struck me and I started talking about how hard I had worked and studied to learn how to maintain and not have to keep losing it over and over. (After all these years, I have not gained back those 35 pounds.) Someone said the constant battle of weight loss was like ice skating in July, and I said out of nowhere, “Yes, it feels like you are wearing roller skates and trying to get up a steep hill. You go a little and then roll back to the bottom.” And that is how the “Skating Uphill” was born. I explained to the group it had been so hard, I could write a book, and Elizabeth Millen said, “Why don’t you?”

I have considered this quite a challenge over the years and have heard from so many sisters that have made it or not made it, that I have lost count. Thanks to readers this column has been able to broaden the definition of a healthy lifestyle. We talk not only about food, but also about mental health, happiness, and confidence. I think of all of us, and I mean from young girls to old ladies, as women of confidence, are usually healthy in mind and body and are unafraid to show it off. Successful women like this should mentor others—both young and old.

Skating Uphill is difficult, but the view from the top is so worth it! Those who have skated uphill and made it have an obligation to support others who are trying and give back. Mentor, lecture, tutor, be a big sister, be a friend, or reach out a hand. Let’s all rise together. Love, Judith

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