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“Keep It Fresh! Don’t you dare let your fresh start inspiration
of spring turn into the dog days of summer, y’all!”
– The Uphill Skater –

Keeping it fresh is a huge challenge. I don’t just mean those of us who like to lay out in the sun and drink wine, or have chips and a soda for lunch either. I mean ME! I have been writing this column for quite a while, and I always try to bring something new to the table. No pun intended—I don’t mean just food either. In fact, I subscribe to five magazines to stay current and try to keep you current, as well. Getting in a rut is all too simple because the “rut” things we do are feel good stuff. Otherwise why would we keep doing them?

This month I have several anti-rut suggestions that are cheap and easy, which happen to be my favorite two adjectives for things in life. Oh, is that a rut? I think yes. Sigh. Which leads me to my first suggestion: Stick to anti-rut tactics that suit your lifestyle. Don’t go too far out of the box, or you will never stay there. Cheap and easy suggestion number one is to do more of what you are doing, but change it up a bit. I volunteer at a thrift shop, and I have been working in the ladies clothing department. I recently asked to switch to the book section for a while and be trained on the cash register. Now I enjoy my volunteer work so much more and plan to stick to it. Cost? Zero! Satisfaction and new fun? $$$$$!

Another cheap and easy anti-rut suggestion is to try a new food. I am into healthy options for the most part, and I have made roasted veggies for a long time. Recently, I added turnips and Brussels sprouts to the sheet pan, and it is a huge improvement! There are tons of new types of teas to try, and I got a big box from my daughter for Mother’s Day and it has been fun to explore all the new flavors. She included honey sticks, which are delicious. Kale and broccolini are pretty new to me, if perhaps not to you, but I love both of them. Finally, remember now that the summer season is here, it’s much easier to keep it fresh at your local farmer’s market.

I have been going to various farmer’s markets for quite a few years, but this year my something anti-rut behavior change has been pick your own. Just now it is pick your own strawberries season, but this year I have picked my own daffodils and that was fun. Soon, I’m going to take my grandson to pick blueberries and then we will pick grapes and apples, too. We have also been on jaunts to a local farm to see baby goats and calves. How lovely this has been.

Let’s now spend a little money. I know I said cheap and easy, so if you have not done so already, why not try a thrift shop. Even if you do not think thrift stores are up your alley, just try it once, for me. I recently scored a brand new Talbots blouse for $1.50. I buy many of my grandson’s T-shirts for 50-cents because they either get super dirty, ripped, or outgrown so quickly, it does not pay to spend more. I also buy books—many books—for just a dollar. Used children’s books are a feature at all thrift stores, and many will exchange your old one for one you have not read. Thrift store shopping can be a hoot. You literally never know what you will find, and many thrift store supports great charitable causes.

Finally, let’s look at either developing  a new hobby, or helping your old hobby group try something new. I love to play bridge, and my husband and I have leveled up from party bridge to a type of duplicate bridge that is more complicated and difficult. Not only have we enjoyed this, but we have also made some very interesting new friends. Our neighbors recently invited us over to play canasta, and we said yes. One drawback: I don’t play canasta. I quickly learned online. It is not that hard, it’s a lot of fun, and I learned something new. So, my anti-rut tip is to branch out. Bring a new person to book club. Read a type of book you have never read before. Serve a completely different type of snack or wine. Turn your book club into a movie club. See, cheap and easy!
One more thing: If you have never gone to a blog, try going to It has new recipes, sayings, shared thoughts and lots of other stuff. When you try it, leave something of your own, like a comment, recipe, profound thought; you get the idea. Do it for the sake of varying your internet routine and trying something completely different.

Yes, same old, same old, I will see you next month. Don’t stop reading Skating Uphill. We are not going to get THAT radical!  Love, Judith

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