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Yes, we are always trying to keep on top of all of the new stuff!” 
– The Uphill Skater –

We here at Pink Magazine are forever searching out new trends and up-to-date information on lifestyle happenings. I love to read anything different coming down the pike, particularly in the area of food and nutrition. So, here is the latest buzz phrase to hit the food scene: “Eat This, Not That.” This is so interesting and so broad that it has been a real challenge for me to watch it unfold and grow by leaps and bounds. I have even started a special space on my blog to share information, some of which is surprising, and some of which is actually quite shocking!

Life is full of choices, but choices must be informed. Hopefully, we are using the many simple tools available to research and select the best options for our particular health and nutrition needs. But beware on “this and that!” Hidden health hazards are literally everywhere! Thus, I recommend that you do some checking before you eat this, not that. 

Want a few examples? Say you swing by Cold Stone Creamery for something refreshing on a hot day. Did you know that the extremely yummy raspberry sorbet has 259 calories and only 2 grams of saturated fat? Oh, did you also know that that the chocolate ice cream has 460 calories and 25 grams of fat? Big difference!

Darn, I am starving and see a McDonald’s. What to do? Well, a honey mustard snack wrap with grilled chicken has 260 calories, and the Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips have over 400. By the way, that little dip packet of creamy ranch adds an additional 200 calories and 22 grams of fat. Who knew?

Time for breakfast. We all know that yogurt and fruit is a great breakfast, but I like cereal, too. Kashi GOLEAN has 140 calories per cup and so does All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes. Quaker Natural Granola Oats Honey and Raisins has 420. Oh, darn; it sounded so healthy, too. Again, good old Rice Krispies original has only 120 calories and is super with a handful of blueberries. A nice boiled egg has 60 calories and a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread toasted with a little margarine is only 70. Whole fruit jams are generally about 30 calories per serving. Your choice, ladies. 

Here is a little good news surprise. Most of those little snack cups you pick up in four packs are actually very low in fat and calories. You can get most kinds of fruit, such asI Mandarin oranges, peaches in water, and Tapioca pudding. Watch out though; fruit packed in syrup is a nasty high-sugar surprise, as is puddings that are not sugar-free. Unfortunately, terms like “all-natural” and “pure” don’t mean much. Remember, sugar is a natural product and so is lard. There is a huge difference between Dole Mandarins in orange gel and Mandarin oranges in their own juice or water packed. 

It’s as easy as being informed—reading and understanding the labels. Watch your fat, sugar, sodium, and yes, calories. I promise, I never advocate any sort of food deprivation eating plan. If you are trying to lose weight, do not go below around 1,000 calories per 24 hours unless instructed by your physician. In fact, have a conversation about your health and weight goals with your doctor to come up with a personalized plan for you. In the meantime, eat healthy, practice moderation and enjoy!

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Judith Lawrenson is a former Hilton Head Island resident who has a huge heart and is loved by all who meet her. She has served and volunteered with numerous charitable organizations while living in the Lowcontry making an impact wherever she went. She and her husband recently moved to the wild hills of West Virginia to be closer to grandchildren. Judith is an avid sailor, a retired reading resource specialist, and a children's TV host whose local show originated from the Boys and girls Club. Judith is also a long time seeker of healthy, happy living and a lifestyle dedicated to service to others balanced with love of God and love of self. Check out her BLOG for fun info, recipes and nutrition ideas, current updates on nearly everything in the world, and lots of comments and opinions.


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