OMG Moments - April 2019

How Has Pink Empowered Your Life?

OMG 0419April 2019 Issue

“I love the stories and artwork in Pink. I even take them home to Maryland for my friends to read…”

“Pink Magazine is full of inspiring and informative articles. A lot of businesses that advertise in it are great. And, I’m all for being the best woman I can be. Staying in good health and the listing of top doctors and businesses to enhance any features you want to have taken care of—inspires!”

“I love networking with incredible women through Pink Magazine!”

“Pink makes me feel very supported by other women.”

“Pink is Fun, Beauty, Life and Love.”

“I love that Pink Magazine recognizes women and the impact they make. Also, you put out there that women are the main decision makers as consumers­—Bravo!”

“In Pink, I look forward to getting new ideas every month. It is also beautifully done.”

“Pink is the most beautiful sophisticated magazine I have ever seen. It has not only educated me, the photos and all the advertisements bring me joy and new friends!”

“Pink Magazine introduced me to LUX, now I’m a client.”

 “Pink Magazine has impacted my life by showing how strong women in the Lowcountry are! We are strong—hear us Roar!”

“Pink gives me something creative to look forward to­. Thanks!”

“Pink has encouraged me to read and meet women from all aspects of life. Pink is about empowering body, mind and soul.”

“Reading Elizabeth’s article each month is always so encouraging and often is just what I needed to read.”

“Pink has great ideas!”

“I love reading about STRONG Women!”

“The Pink quote pages always inspire me—they go right on my fridge each month!”

 “I love to see and hear how women in the Lowcountry are surrounding and encircling one another—
with empowerment, encouragement and a lot of love.”

“Pink has given me the enjoyment of going to new restaurants I’ve never been to before through the Partini events.”

“I love the covers of Pink each month, some are framed in my kitchen.”

“Pink has helped me to learn more about Lowcountry women and their accomplishments.”

Of these, what about Pink empowers you, most?

28% The Positive Vibes
24% Reading about other Women    
17% The Recipes and Cooking Tips        
17% The Pictures from Partinis        
14% Seeing the Current Trends

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