Your Possible Life

Whew - here we go again - another new year!  I love the start of a new year, a time for reflecting on the past and thinking about the future. It's a wonderful opportunity to take a few minutes for remembering and recommitting to who you truly are and what you deeply want.
We need these special times to stop and remember because we forget. We get busy and start living by default, just keeping things going. New Year's Day (just like any new day really!) provides us an opportunity to begin afresh.
Everyday I seek to help people (myself included) do the work of designing their lives from the inside out. Not the life our mothers or fathers wanted for us, or the life that we've settled for, but the life of our dreams.
Many of us don't remember our dreams and we don't really dream any longer. When did we stop dreaming? What a shame. Dreaming is a powerful tool.  And it's fun. It not only makes us feel good and inspires us, but the power of visualization has also been proven to literally change physical reality.
We should all be daydreaming all the time - about everything. When time is spent imagining what your most fulfilling, wonderful life would look like, you are actually surreptitiously programming your subconscious to move towards that vision. It is very possible to daydream ourselves out of problems and dream ourselves into our futures. 
I have so many dreams that I have to organize them. I have my dream for my spiritual life, my physical and emotional life, my social and family life, my finances and money. Each year, my husband and I do an assessment of how satisfied we are in eight areas of our lives and what we want next. Then we talk about it with each other. From this exercise, we begin to see the next steps in our lives and to make goals/commitments/New Year's resolutions.


Let Yourself Dream

As your life coach for the moment, I invite you to come and take a journey with me now.
Just for a moment, let yourself imagine. Let yourself dream. 
Use Jana Stanfield's "If I Were Brave" music for this provocative journey into your dreams.
You can download it on iTunes or go to her website. There is also a ten-minute audio
recording of this meditation on my website (
Let these questions start the process of opening you to seeing your possibilities.  As you contemplate these questions, see yourself with soft eyes. Drop the harshness, the judgment, and the negative commentary.Just let yourself consider the possibility that you could have the life of your dreams...

What would that look like? The life of your dreams..

What would you see for your emotional life?
Imagine yourself living an emotionally expressive, wonderful life.

What would you see for your love life?
Imagine your ideal loving relationship(s). See it as a possibility.
What is your dream physical and health state look like? Is it a possibility?
What would you be willing to do differently here?

Describe your most creative self.
What would you like to achieve intellectually?

How do you see yourself career-wise and financially?
What commitments would you like to make in these areas?

Describe your inner and outer spiritual life.
What could you do to move this more in alignment?

Are these ideas possibilities?
Is this life possible for you?

After this meditation, take a few minutes to write about what dreams came to you and what you saw that may be your next steps to move towards the life of your dreams. 
Now post this somewhere you can see it everyday.

First of all, let 2011 be the year you decide to go for your dreams. Let's let 2011 be one of the biggest years of our lives. Let's dream about it, and then plan for it. Then, collectively, let's all commit to doing it.  Why not? Happy New Year! 

Kathy Murphy, Ph.D. is a licensed professional counselor and life coach who specializes in helping individuals, groups and businesses in the art of life design.
She is the author of "Your Possible Life: Building the Life of Your Dreams". Please see the invitation (next page -15) for the upcoming Women's Weekend Retreat in February. To join Dr. Murphy's bimonthly blog, "Consider the Possbilities for Your Life," and to read about individual intensives and The Year for Transformation group program, please visit

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