Through a Child's Eyes

In another sense, a miracle may be defined as any wonderful happening that we don't quite understand. When viewed through the eyes of a child-who is constantly seeing novelty-a lot of things may be conceived as miraculous. Here are a few "miracles," from the fantastic and improbable to the commonplace and ordinary, as remembered or imagined by Lei Horne's first grade class at Beaufort Elementary School.

"People helping people do better."
- Jasmine

"When somebody knows they're supposed to have a birthday party but they didn't get to have one, then they go over to someone else's house and say, 'Wow, I didn't know y'all were having a birthday party.'"
- Tyreisha

"When somebody dies and they come back to life."
- Terris

"I wanted this toy really bad and my sister and I prayed so I could get the toy and my grandpa sent it to me."
- Jacquelin

"If the whole universe was made out of money.thirty dollars!"
- Nova

"When you see a car that's red and it's cool and you get to drive it with a key."
- JachÈ

"When you have a sister and it's a secret but you find out it's your twin."
- Aydanni

"If the world was made out of candy."
- Ethan

"If everybody in the world was president."
- Kyleigh

"On my mom's birthday she wanted a bath of roses but we didn't have time, so when she got home from the store we washed her feet and put lotion on them and painted her toenails and she said, 'This is so nice.'"
- Jacquelin

"When you're playing a guitar."
- Aja

"If it's raining money."
- Ethan

"When your dad brings a pool and an ice cream."
- Jaylin

"When someone takes my tooth out. It's wiggling right now."
- Ivan

"On TV there was a miracle because Barack Obama won for president."
- Jacquelin

"When the flowers grew in the Life Lab."
- Terris

"When the turtle Scratchy escaped out of the Life Lab and we found him under the tree."
- Julian

"Yesterday the bus driver and my friends gave me M&Ms, two packets!"
- Aaliyah

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