Pink Magazine 200 Issue Strong

What Pink Means to Us


“I look forward to each month’s issue because I need to be in-spired. I remember Pat Conroy’s way to learn about people would be to say “Tell Me a Story.”  Everyone has a story, and I love reading about women (and men!) in the area who have persevered, set goals, failed, lost and gained more than they ever dreamed. They make me think maybe I can, too.

I also love the graphics of the magazine.  From the interesting cover art work, to the quote of the month with a photograph, or illustration to enhance it, the magazine is so beautiful. I always tear out and tape up the quotes of the month.  

Mostly, I also enjoy the new friendships and older ones renewed that I make doing interviews for the magazine. People are incredibly kind to let me have an hour or longer to “pick their brain” and many times “bare their soul.”  It is such an honor and joy to write for Pink.”  
– Mary Hope Roseneau, Writer

“I have been honored to have been a writer for Pink almost from the beginning. I have felt very proud of Elizabeth and Pink for the ongoing and ever strong support that has been given to issues of importance to women. Pink has been our voice so many times and on so many things that I lost count years ago.”   - Judith Lawrenson, Skating Uphill author  

“The privilege to be a photographer for Pink Magazine from its very early days, has enabled me to experience not only such a wonderful group of very talented individuals, but it also strengthened a long-standing belief I’ve had of ‘aspiration and perseverance.’ Observing the dedication and focus it takes to produce each page of every issue is inspirational, challenging myself to continuously set personal bars higher with new goals.”   - Christian Lee, Photographer

“Pink is like a trail of breadcrumbs that leads you on a journey to find your bliss—whatever that means for you personally. It's filled with turns in the road that intrigue, guide, suggest and encourage. It's a blessing!”   - Eddy Hoyle, Writer

“I started writing for Pink 15 years ago. Living the solitary writer’s life, this gives me a chance to continually meet inspiring local women. I always think, how does Pink keep finding these people!? I appreciate how the stories are always positive, that way I feel good about my work instead of just adding more noise to the negative news cycle.”   - Michele Roldan Shaw, Writer

“For eleven years at Pink Magazine, I’ve personally touched, designed and worked on every page of every issue—yep, all 139 of them. We’ve pulled all-nighters and faced everything from hurricanes to pandemics and throughout it all, there hasn’t been a single issue that didn’t get our very best, all we had to offer. Each issue is packed with carefully selected articles to touch our readers and inspire them. One thing our magazine will never lack is heart. Congratulations on 200 issues Pink, cheers to many more.  - Lindsay Gifford, Art Director

“Out of all the Beaufort County magazines that I’ve seen, Pink is definitely the most unparalleled. They feature a different artist every month, which I think is so special, especially since I have been one of the featured artists. On top of their creativity and ingenuity, I love how they celebrate diversity and don’t discriminate towards the social classes of Hilton Head. Alongside the genuine, positive content, I admire their individuality and classiness that they’ve up-held throughout the years. Thank you Pink for making things special.”          -Lanier Bradberry, Cover Artist and Model

“I've been lucky enough to photograph the Pink Partinis for more than a decade. Not only have I documented amazing friendships through my camera lens, but I've enjoyed meeting and developing my own friendships along the way. It's a pleasure to work with such amazing women.
- T.R. Love, Photographer

“Within the last 200 issues there has been love, inspiration, fellowship, wisdom, creativity, devotion and togetherness bundled between each of the pages. Pink doesn't just produce a magazine that women enjoy, it produces a community women can be a part of. I am so thankful to be a part of such a product that creates and builds happiness for this community.”
-Jacie Millen, Accounting

Fill Your Soul with Song:
by Jacie Elizabeth Millen

Girl, 200 issues strong deserves its own playlist! With songs like “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys and “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, this playlist was made to empower and truly celebrate womentality. Spotify has new technology to make listening to this playlist easier than ever. The new Spotify Codes feature creates a unique barcode and album cover image for every song, album, artist and playlist. To listen to our playlist, download Spotify on your smartphone, scan our Spotify Code (right) with the new camera in the Spotify app's search bar and instantly start getting your groove on. It’s time to start feeling fly about your fabulous self again with the power of music from the generations of Queens themselves. From the newest hits to the good ol’ classics, these lyrics and tempos will make you and girl power one. That’s it...turn it up! We hear you.

Some Featured Songs:Pink200 2
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
Rhiannon By Fleetwood Mac
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Good as Hell by Lizzo
I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston
I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
Roar by Katy Perry
This One’s for the Girls by Martina McBride
Proud Mary by Tina Turner
Vogue by Madonna
Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

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