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HallofFame0424April 2024 Issue
by Elizabeth Skenes Millen


Pink Magazine has featured more than 175 artists over the years all the way from a fourth grader to some of the most renowned artists throughout the world. As our team paged through 20 years of magazines, we couldn't help but revisit the colorful journey our covers have wandered. Here is a look into a few of the legendary artists we've been lucky enough to work with throughout the years:




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Peter Max:

We graciously connected with Peter Max through Karis Art Gallery on Hilton Head Island. Max is the foremost living artist today, and when we were given the opportunity to feature his work on Pink’s cover, I jumped at the chance. Peter is known world-wide for his psychedelic art and pop art of the ‘60s. His art was so much in synch with the times that it was licensed by 72 corporations. Within a three-year period, the line of products generated more than $1 billion in retail sales. Not only did we feature Peter’s rendition of Taylor Swift in April 2012, but two months later, he designed a cover specifically for Pink, using a photo I took of the Woods Memorial Bridge in Beaufort. When I received the finished piece, I asked him if he would add a dolphin in the water and an alligator on the bank. He agreed to the dolphin but put his foot down on the alligator. I don’t know why, but I was just honored, thrilled and astonished that I was even talking to the great Peter Max. You must Google him—he’s been on the Tonight Show, the covers of both Life and Time Magazines. He’s painted giant jets and Norwegian cruise ships. Recently, Peter has become ill, and though he is struggling, he is a living legend at 86 years old.

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Jonathan Green:

Jonathan Green, a native of Beaufort, SC, is considered one of the most important contemporary painters of the Southern experience. He is an internationally acclaimed and awarded professional artist who graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1982. His forty-year track record of creating art and extensive inclusions in museum collections and exhibitions throughout many countries has led to his being considered by numerous art critics and reviewers as one of our nation’s outstanding American artists and highly recognized visual master for capturing the positive aspects of American and African American Southern cultures, history, and traditions.

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Mary Whyte:

We were thrilled when we received the nod to feature the art of Mary Whyte. Her work and talent are so revered, we were almost afraid to even ask. She is a premier American figurative artist known internationally for her watercolors of contemporary people. Her works are in private, corporate, university and public collections nationwide, and have been featured in numerous media outlets including CBS Sunday Morning, PBS, and NPR. The author of seven books, including We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America, Mary Whyte’s work has also been featured in many international publications, including periodicals and books in China, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, and Taiwan.

HallofFame0424 1Candace Whittemore Lovely:
We are honored to consider Candace Whittemore Lovely, a longtime Hilton Head Island local, Pink’s resident artist. Her talent as an American Impressionist knows no bounds when it comes to beauty, light and realism. Candace is a Copley Master, trained in the Boston School tradition. Her self-professed “fascination of the woman” has been the perfect symmetry to Pink Magazine’s philosophy of celebrating women. Not only has Candace graced Pink’s cover an unprecedented 11 times, but she us also a friend who I hold dear to my heart. Her work has mesmerized me from the first time I met her. I have never seen anyone capture the myriad shades of the color blue like she does so beautifully. And her whites are the brightest of whites, as though the sun is shining directly through them. Candace has accomplished greatness throughout her career, especially in painting the Official Whitehouse Portrait of Barbara Bush when she was First Lady of the US. Visit The French Bakery in Shelter Cove Towne Centre to view some of Candace’s work. Be sure to notice what magazine the lady in the beach chair is reading. Can you guess?

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Joe Bowler:

Joe Bowler was a world-renowned illustrator, painter and philanthropist. He retired to Hilton Head Island in the ‘70s after a long successful career in New York City, where he was one of the illustrators at the prestigious Charles E. Cooper Studios. He learned from the finest artists in the profession including the legendary Coby Whitmore. Bowler’s first illustration was published in Cosmopolitan when he was 19 years old. His transition from pure illustration toward portraiture began as magazines started commissioning portraits of interesting and notable personalities of the day. There was a piece for McCall’s in 1968 portraying the wives of the eight presidential candidates. There was a Ladies Home Journal cover of Rose Kennedy, and a Saturday Evening Post cover of David and Julie Eisenhower, as well as several Time covers. His talent was sought after by the largest names in the business, and Pink is privileged to have featured Mr. Bowler’s work three times.

Other notable cover artists we would love to tell you more about in the future are
Trish Biddle, Shawna Erback, Danny McBride, Bill Dula, Peter O’Neill (all of which you can read about on and many others. Pink has been blessed when it comes to cover artists. We are so proud of our collection and infinitely grateful to every artist who has shared their talent with all of us! You are all great.

From the Publisher: I have presented talks regarding my journey in scouting cover art for 20 years and the interactions I have had with many of the artists. It is a very interesting walk down a prestigious art path that includes stories of how procuring some of the art came about.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in your group hearing and learning about this fantastical journey.

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