Masking Expressions–

The Eyes Have It

October Issue 2020
Comments and Tips by Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography and Styling by Nancy J. Reynolds and Meredith Deal

You’re excited to see an old friend in the grocery store, but how do you show it when your big, beautiful smile is covered and hugs are a no-no? The face is the window to our expressions, and mouths can have dialogue without any words. A frown, a smirk, a smile, pursed lips all tell a powerful story before any words are spoken. However, our faces have another center for expression—the eyes. So, while we are all masked up, we might as well lean on our eyes and allow them to speak up and speak out.

For tips on talking with your eyes, we turned to experts in beauty, Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter. Read on to learn how to select the right mask, escape the blank stare and implement “the smeyes”—(smiling with your eyes)…or if need be, a good eye roll:

Mask1020 2

Everyday Beautiful

This mask is “I’m ready for work, I’m ready for a meeting, church, ready for my family and ready to just be me. I can enjoy still being beautiful even behind the mask.” Look into a variety of daily wear masks to fit each experience or mood.

Happiness is Contagious

When you smile behind the mask, people can see it! Even a big masked smile brings expression, joy and appreciation. To enhance your happy face be sure to also show it in your eyes with a big “Smeyes”. You don’t have to do much; just connect your heart to your eyes, and it will come naturally.

To enhance the feeling of being happy behind the mask, add some eye lashes for extra fun and flair! And, make sure your brows are nicely shaped and soft. They frame your face, with or without a mask. Apply a bit of concealer with a little shimmer to your eyes and continue to use your blush.

Don’t be shy about the smoky eye. Start by applying eyeliner at the eyelash base, then use your finger to give the definition you desire. The eyes will always have it and ooze confidence.

Going into fall it’s important to add a spray mist to your face care regime because masks can dry you out. Mist your face morning, noon and night to retain moisture, and be sure to mist all over: Decollate’, ears, neck, temples. Try to keep your eyes open while misting to add moisture and naturally brighten. Plus, you may not need to use eye drops as much.


Mask1020 3Bling!  
Why are you not blinging? Despite this pandemic, we still need to enjoy and lighten-up with our look. Don’t forget to throw in a little attitude and gratitude!

Being sexy is always in style. Make the best of your mask wardrobe, and do what’s fun in being a woman: Snap your fingers and enjoy your beauty!

Look at this cool mask…whatever you’re feeling, or wherever you’re going, coordinate it all with your mask—bling in the morning, or bling the afternoon. Match your mask(s) to your personality!


Convey your surprise with only your eyes. Mouth wide open, big inquisitive eyes, a verbal “OMG,” all say…”Surprise!” No matter your masked expression, be sure to look like you’re winning the corona quarantine by coordinating a shimmery outfit with a great hair style. Don’t let COVID steal your good hair days!

Oh Whatever

This masked look is all about rolling your eyes discreetly, or if you prefer, visibly, to express feelings of doubt or frustration.

Example: I’m talking to my friends, and they are not listening to me because all they can see is that I’m wearing a mask! So, they soon get an eye-roll from me expressing, “You’re not listening. Whatever!” Note: I promise I won’t give you the eye roll when you must ask your stylist to fix your home dye job—just a little wink!

And, an eye roll is always appropriate when people tell me store bought hair color is the same as professional hair color, and actually believe it! “Whatever.”

Tip: Laugh a little afterwards so they don’t think you’re serious, even though you really are!

Contact Iris Hopgood: Iris is your go-to makeup and skincare resource: Iris Ingram-Hopgood, consultant. Call or text: 678.353.8032.
Contact Amanda Kicklighter: The master stylist with a new location: 227-B Redfern Village, St. Simons Island. Call or text: 912.580.9854.

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