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HomeGirls Christina Forbis

October 2023 Issue
2023 Home Girls Special Section
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Real Estate Broker/Realtor®
19 Years of Experience

My favorite thing about being a “Home Girl” of the Lowcountry:
I enjoy listening to my clients’ needs and sharing information about what’s available here in the Lowcountry. It’s rewarding to help them chart their path and find exactly what they are looking for.

How did you find your passion in real estate?
My career started in the hospitality industry where we strived for 4- and 5-Star service. When my hospitality clients expressed interest in buying in the Lowcountry, I transitioned into real estate. My 5-Star mentality drives me as a Realtor®. I always go above and beyond for my clients.

What’s your favorite reaction/compliment you received from a client?
When I worked with a family of five adult siblings who were selling their mother’s home after her passing. It was an emotional time. I was touched by how beautifully they worked together. When we finished, they were happy and credited their success to choosing the right realtor. This was a great success for me personally. I was able to help make this difficult time a positive experience for them.

What woman do you look up to most?
My Mom, who decided to go back to work full-time when I was in 4th grade. I am the youngest of five girls (the oldest is only 5 and a half years older than me). Mom explained what would be required of us, and we all committed to support her. We had chores and started dinner. She showed total dedication to our family, along with demonstrating a strong work ethic. She juggled it all beautifully. This is where I get my desire for work/life balance.

What would you say to encourage aspiring “Home Girls?”
I try to support new agents. I was scared during my first year in real estate. It’s helpful to find a mentor you can trust and rely on, which does not necessarily have to be a Realtor®. Mine was my boss from the hospitality industry. I would call her when I was frustrated or stuck to seek her advice.

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