Beat the Heat

Flowers that Know How to Sizzle


July 2020 Issue
by Marina Karis
photography by Jacie Elizabeth Millen

So much of the beauty of the Lowcountry goes beyond the surrounding ocean.
The palm trees, live oaks with hanging Spanish moss,
sweeping marshes and an array of beautiful, colorful flowers
all contribute to this unique locale.

As we approach the heat of July, I wonder how the plants and flowers endure
and how they survive our deer population?
Always appreciative of a beautiful garden, but admittedly ignorant of how they came to be,
I decided to head to The Greenery, where I met with one of their horticulturists, Carol Guedalia.

After wandering through aisles of plants with Carol and learning about the many varieties that flourish here, I decided to narrow my focus on four specific plants. All of which can withstand our sweltering July heat, humidity and our friendly (and hungry) neighborhood deer.

Gardening0720 2

These clusters of pink, purple, white and red flowers with green, hairy leaves, bloom all year long, even in the hottest weather conditions. Pentas should be planted in full sun, with  moist soil. They will dry out quickly so be sure to give them plenty of water during dry spells. These flowers are wonderful hangouts for bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Pentas can also make good house plants if they are kept in enough light.


Salvia are heat and drought tolerant, making them perfect for your summer garden.
They are excellent for pollinators, especially the single flowers,  and are really attractive to hummingbirds.They bloom in a range of colors: purple, pink, white, coral, red and golden to yellow colors.

This Australian native is great for enduring the summer heat. This annual, sun loving, drought tolerant, low maintenance flower is perfect for containers and hanging baskets. The plants attract butterflies and are generally avoided by deer. Scaevola is also self-cleaning so you don’t have to remove the dead flowers to keep the plant in production.









Sun coleus:
These colorful plants flourish in sunny locations. Ranging in size and colors, some grow in a horizontal carpet style, while others can grow to 3-feet tall. They bloom beautiful flowers, but are typically grown for their stunning foliage and can last from spring to late fall. Sun Coleus needs to be trimmed and fertilized periodically but are the ultimate low maintenance plant.







All four of these plants have always been deer resistant. However, like humans, some deer are becoming open to trying new things. There is no guarantee that a deer won’t try a taste with your outdoor plants!

The success of any garden takes a combination of nurturing each plant’s individual needs, and if done properly, a flower garden can flourish with stunning color and be enjoyed for many years to come.
The Greenery Garden Center is located at 960 William Hilton Parkway on Hilton Head Island. For more information, please visit or call 843-593-9866

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