Art Scene: Half-Way Home

Art Exhibit to Benefit Sea Turtles


June 2023 Issue
by Debi West


To know Richard Grant is to love Richard Grant! It’s really that simple. From the moment we were introduced via our art connection, I knew I had met an authentically kind human being. And Richard is sharing his kindness with the Lowcountry in July. He is preparing for the Art League of Hilton Head’s Sea Turtle Patrol Exhibit and Raffle entitled “Half-Way Home,” scheduled for July 18-20, 2023, at the Art League Academy on Cordillo Parkway.

Now let’s learn a bit more about Richard, a 54-year-old from Chicago, Colorado, and California, who currently lives with his wife Susan on Hilton Head. They’ve been here six years, with his presence known via his mini art turtles. You can find his turtle paintings at any of our Island’s free “Mini Art Galleries.”

I asked Richard a few questions and of course the first was, tell me about your “art life.” Here’s his story: “I wanted to be an artist from an early age because I was infatuated with van Gogh. The deal was sealed in seventh grade with a fabulous art teacher. I got sidetracked into the food and beverage industry for years, but once I extricated myself from that I started working at a friend’s gallery in Chicago. I learned a lot, grew as an artist, and I really haven’t stopped the full-time art gig since.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard in his basement studio, a beautifully renovated space on the marsh. I asked him about his typical day and loved his hilarious answer: “Get up early, coffee, check e-mail and social media. Go down to my studio (8-ish), coffee, paint for a while. Clean up, run errands, coffee. Back to studio (11-ish), paint/get organized for a few hours, coffee. Return e-mails, work admin side of projects, coffee. Usually a quiet night at home, tv and reading, no more coffee.”

Perhaps my favorite answer was when I asked him about his primary subject matter—sea turtles! Richard said: “Turtles were any easy way to get into helping the community in some way. Who doesn’t like turtles? I was fortunate to meet Jenn McEwen and Amber Kuehn. We were able to figure out ways I could help the turtles AND the community.

So, the next question I’m sure you all have is “How can I help?” Richard wants to invite you to come to the event in July. In his own words:

“Buy some art, as a percentage will go to Sea Turtle Patrol HHI. There will also be a raffle of a very large turtle painting I’ve created called “Hatchlings.” Buy a raffle ticket, or 10! One hundred percent of the raffle goes to the Sea Turtle folks. Also, you can purchase my turtle paintings, half the proceeds of those also go to Sea Turtle Patrol.”

Richard’s goal is to continue to help the community, working not just to raise money and awareness for the turtles, but the environment as well. He continues to help where he can in the realms of culture, nature, and history via his art. Collaborating with new artists, or any artists for that matter, and passing on what he’s learned over the years is something he’s passionate about. He currently runs the Island Rec Center’s Art Gallery and is always looking for new and upcoming artists to exhibit their work in this space. Richard’s goal is to continue to give back by passing on encouragement and knowledge, while supporting the many wonderful facets of our little island.

We can’t wait to see you at the Art League of Hilton Head in July! The sea turtles are counting on you!

For more info contact Richard: or
Art League of Hilton Head: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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