A Word About Mom

What A Few Local Business Owners Have to Say


Coligny Plaza, Hilton Head Island’s original shopping center, started out as a “mom and pop” operation in 1955 and has kept that same hometown feel ever since. Sixty-three years in, Coligny is still a place where area entrepreneurs can set up shop and see their dreams come to life. However, the only job harder than being an entrepreneur is being a mom. So, we asked a few entrepreneurs at Coligny to tell us their thoughts about motherhood, moms and anything maternal.

ColignyMoms0518 3Connie Inggs,
Caretta Coffee Company
“I love being a Mom to my beautiful “children” that work at our small business called Caretta Coffee. We are a family, and I believe each and every one of them plays a crucial role in our keeping our small business alive! I also love being a mom to my beautiful twin daughters who are in Oregon. Because of them, I am able to be a mom to others. A mom is someone who nurtures, encourages and loves unconditionally.”

Danny Py — FISH Coastal Casual Seafood
"My mother, Marcia Clafford, is a woman, who after a horrible divorce in the early 1970s, went back to school and got her Masters in teaching and took her passion for education to the Milwaukee county public schools for over 35 years. My mother taught in some of the toughest schools Milwaukee had to offer. She wanted the inner city children to see that education could lead to a path of promise, with a chance of giving back to their own community in a positive way. Even after several violent altercations, my mom drove to school, undeterred to bring education to these kids. Being a single mom, she became an avid outdoorsman, sports enthusiast and advocate for the arts to keep her kids engaged in the absence of a full-time father figure. My mom also endured many years of drum sets, trumpet playing, baritone billowing—music only a mother could love. My mom also hauled me around to hockey, soccer, football, music lessons and even sat on the ice while I went ice fishing. Thanks Mom for everything!"

ColignyMoms0518 4Brody Kenneweg
Traveling Chic Boutique
“I love that my daughter is seeing me as a “businesswoman,” owning my own store and the responsibility and stress that comes with daily challenges. I know watching me will set her up for confidence in the future.”

Hadije Aliu

Gringo’s Diner
“The success I’ve earned in life is owed to my mother. Watching my mom provide for six children on her own, while working for the Red Cross of Kosovo, taught me the importance of being selfless, helping others and never giving up. She was the strongest woman I have ever known—my biggest hero. Rest in Peace Mom.”

Erika Waronsky

The Sandbar Beach Eats
“Becoming a mother makes my truly understand why we work so hard, sleep so little and care so much.  They are a part of us...and our future.”

Kirstin Hansen

Bennali’s Coastal Wear
“Our store was created by my middle sister and her husband and now includes my vision and passion, too. Our mother loves to shop, and we remember fondly the frequent outings involving our mom, our miniature grandmother, our sibling and several other relatives, as we are a close-knit family. Mom taught us the fun in shopping—not always the purchase, but the joy in helping light up another’s face with an item we helped pick out that brought out their individual style. Her thoughtfulness, honesty and eye for style live on today through our boutiques. Thank you Ruth; we love you!”

Shaun Brockway

Frosty Frog Cafe & Frosty's Closet
“Mothers should be honored everyday,
not just on Mother’s Day!”

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