20 Years of April Pink Covers!

April 2024 Issue
20 Years of April Pink Covers!

The colorful masterpieces featured on Pink's cover each month are one of the signature features of our magazine. Created by artists from down the street to across the world, the chosen artwork is carefully procured to set the tone for the monthly theme and bring the issue alive.

The one requirement: It always features a woman or the essence of a woman.

One of the most remarked upon elements, we've heard so many heartwarming stories about what people do with the beautiful covers once they have read the magazine. Did you know there are dorm rooms and powder rooms wallpapered in Pink covers, as well as incredible collections of issues? The Pink team scouts artwork incessantly to find memorable and moving artwork and always goes the extra mile to bring it to fruition... even if it means some inventive work on Google translate. We even changed the cover less than 24 hours to press once to honor Queen Elizabeth upon her passing. (October 2022 Issue)

In celebration of our 20 year anniversary, we'll be bringing you 20 covers each month to enjoy and reminisce!


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