Conquering The Anxiety Monster

Sharon Naylor

10 ways to handle your child’s school anxieties

Children and teens often experience school-related stress and anxiety and some kids feel emotional discomfort more intensely than others.

The first day of school, especially the first day in a new school, can trigger anxiety symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, sleeplessness and panic attacks. You might notice these symptoms in your child weeks prior to the first day of school, and you may also be tipped off to your child’s worries through the questions he asks: “Will any of my friends be in my class? What if the teacher is mean? Who will I sit with at lunch? What if I miss the bus?” Some of these worries you may remember from your own school days.

Bullying Stops this Year

Michael Sanz

A ritual of the modern world begins again in a few weeks. Our children go back to school. As parents, we hope that this school year will be an amazing passage for our children. They will be challenged to think critically, solve problems, and ask questions. Winter approaches and our kids will come home tired every day. Stress, worry, and boredom won’t be the reason. It will be because nurturing, focused teachers set expectations that exhausted our kid’s brain cells. Spring’s flowers will bloom celebrating our children’s maturity as communicators. Their verbal expressions will brim with passion, persuasion, and clarity. They will write with creative fervor, and they will write right. On the final day of school you’ll pick up fatigued children waiting with a sparkle in their eye. They will burst into a smile and bolt into the car. They will look at you saying, “Mom, I’m beat but I’ve got so many ideas and plans that I want to share over summer break.”

Tailgating in the South

It's All Pink

Tailgating in the South is nothing short of an art. Walk through any southern stadium parking area on game day and you’re sure to see anything and everything from custom grills to white tablecloths and sterling silver candelabras. What you may not recognize, however, are the long traditions behind each and every group’s tailgate. Some have had the same parking space for decades, passed down through generations of families. Others have tried-and-true game day recipes. For instance, I’ve never been to a South Carolina game without Bob and Janet Keen’s Lil’ Smokies pig-n-the-blankets. It just wouldn’t be the same.

Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking

Mary Hunt

When Janice Dyer talks about the topic of human trafficking, the words “public awareness” quickly enter into the conversation. Janice, a Hilton Head resident since 1985, is the founder of the Lowcountry Coalition Against Human Trafficking (LCAHT). The non-profit organization aims to raise awareness of human trafficking, which is the illegal trade of humans for the purpose of commercial sex exploitation, forced labor or domestic servitude.


Start Saving, Just Do It!

Mary Hunt

Everday Cheapskate

A recent column brought a flood of messages to my inbox, most of them with the same message that goes something like this: I want to save. I need to save. But I don’t have any money to save! How can I even get started when I am so close to the edge?

Made in the Shade

Sharon Mosely

Sunglass Shapes to Fit Your Face

Sunglasses are no longer just a fashion statement; they're a necessity. But why not amp up the cool factor while at the same time protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays? (Oh, and also cover up those puffy eyes from last night.)

Legal in Every State: How to Keep Your Joints Happy

By Marilynn Preston

Healthy joints make for happy athletes. A bum knee, sore shoulder or painful wrist gets in the way of your best time—playing tennis, riding your bike, humiliating yourself at golf.

Research shows that more than 80 percent of all sports injuries involve joints. Ouch! The good news is that there’s a lot you can do, and Aleve cannot, to keep your joints strong and healthy all year long.

A Tale of Two Stay-at-Home Dads

By Diane McMahon

Nate Ulmer & Jamie Harrison

Stay-at-home dads are having quite the moment these days. Also referred to as housedad, SAHD, house-husband and house-spouse, “SAHD-ness” is the stuff of sitcoms, reality TV shows and feature articles in GQ Magazine. A barrage of definitive studies and vocal commentators are zealously announcing the benefits—no wait—the perils (which is it?) of this increasing role reversal in American families. As with most current social and family issues, the debate is polarized, vociferous and riddled by stereotypes. And it couldn’t matter less to Nate Ulmer and Jamie Harrison, two men/husbands/fathers who are actually living the life—happily and by choice.

The Big Bag Theory

Sharon Mosley

Summer Handbag Trends

They can be our closest friends. They’re with us day after day, night after night. They carry our valuables ... and they carry our necessities ... they may even carry our secrets. They’re our handbags, and they become a part of our fashion family ... for better or worse.

Jean Therapy

Sharon Mosley

Denim Keeps it Cool


There's one fashion trend that's always a classic every season—denim. Most of us have at least one, if not many pieces of these tried-and-true blue favorites in our wardrobes. But every year, these denim designs are updated and given a new twist. Let's face it: We all need a little jean therapy every now and then. So check out these latest trends: