Wendye Savage

Hear Me Roar

HMR 1020 2Photography by Christian Lee

Wendye Savage
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Lives in: Ridgeland, SC
Career: Author
Family: Mother of five; Grandmother of nine

"Behind the makeup, clothes and titles
we need to be okay with who we are.
Some of us are getting dressed and made up,
while inside we are broken."

When I was growing up, I wanted to be…
My earliest memory was wanting to help the less privileged. As a teenager, I wanted to become a fashion model. Later a business woman.

My book’s inspiration came from...

I come from a history of mental and sexual abuse, mental illness, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and limiting beliefs. With the help of God, I am in a healthy place. I believe that there are other women who may be going through, or gone through, what I have and are suffering silently. It’s easy to feel isolated, like you’re the only one experiencing challenges. I share my story so others won’t feel like they are the only one and there is hope.

What do you want readers to glean
from reading your book?  
What’s in Your Purse? is the title of my book. The question is in reference to what baggage you may holding onto?  I have included journaling prompts for readers to soul search and prayer and scripture that relates to each topic. It’s my hope that women examine what’s in their “purse” and begin their healing process.

A typical day in my life looks like...

I wake up around 7:30 am, grab a cup of coffee. I typically go through cleansing, asking God to forgive me and to help me forgive others. Then I spend time praising Him and praying. Sometimes I do affirmations. My day starts off serene. I also love hearing the birds sing in the morning. I do housework. I then find ways to market my book. I am a certified life coach, as well, and I’m studying online to establish my niche. I sometimes babysit three of my grandchildren.

The hardest part of writing and creating for me is...

In all honesty, I don’t find writing and creating challenging.
Writing is one of my gifts.

Goals I want to achieve within the

next 5-10 years include…
I want to set up a practice to be a self-esteem coach for women. I want to become an inspirational speaker. I want to publish a women’s wellness magazine. I am also a poet. Currently, I pen poetry for all occasions, put a background image, such as a personal photo and frame it. I would like to see that flourish. I want to continue writing books.

My definition of wellness is..

Staying in my own lane. Becoming better than I was yesterday. Remembering wellness is a journey, no one is perfect, and there’s always room for growth.

I am most grateful for...

God’s grace. God’s restoration. God’s love.
Three things that are in my literal purse

I can’t go without:

> Wallet,
> Keys
> Reading Glasses

Three personality traits I’m proud of:
I am kind, patient and empathetic.

I admire people who...
are humble despite their greatness.

Any hidden talents?
I am poetic, highly analytical and a good cook

What are you currently roaring about?
I am passionate about women’s wellness. Behind the makeup, clothes and titles we need to be okay with who we are. Some of us are getting dressed and made up, while inside we are broken.