Vera Masters & Cindy Adams

Run, Walk... or Crawl Past Your Goals

Vera Masters and Cindy Adams were bubbly, energetic and excited to talk about an amazing experience they've shared together for the last four years: The Savannah River Bridge Run. In this 5K, 10K, Double Pump and Kid's º mile race, participants can run, walk, or "crawl" their way from Hutchinson Island, across the Savannah River Bridge, and to the Savannah Civic Center. "You can participate in groups or as a single and many people come dressed up. There were two people who dressed up as a horse together and another group was dressed as a boat." Cindy stated as she and Vera giggled, reminiscing about the costumes of this past race, which always takes place on the first Saturday of December. Six years ago, Cindy's son, Dewey, and his wife Jennifer, signed up for the Savannah River Bridge Run, and in doing so, they became an inspiration for Cindy and Vera. The run became a catalyst for the couple, and they both lost a significant amount of weight and became more aware of their health. Cindy and Vera would go to the race to cheer them on from the sidelines and watch Cindy's granddaughter, Bonnie. As little ones often do, Bonnie wanted to be like her parents and participate in the race, so Cindy and Vera began walking the race with the then four-year-old, who had to run to keep up with them. They were hooked. When Vera fractured her knee during a family reunion in Kentucky, they didn't let her injury stop the tradition. "Cindy asked me, 'Are you still going to do the bridge walk?' I answered, 'Of course!' even though I couldn't work or drive for two weeks." These kindred spirits went to high school together, they work together, live a few blocks away from each other, and for the past four years, they have tackled the daunting physical obstacle that is the Savannah River Bridge Run. But it's not all work and no play! Cindy and Vera, along with Vera's daughter, Katie, make a girls' trip of the event. They even spend the night in Savannah and go to The Olde Pink House for dinner. One of the fantastic things about the race, other than the fact that the proceeds benefit the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Center and Research Pavilion at St. Joseph's/Candler, is that anyone can do it. "The race has all different types of people- all ages, sizes, and different fitness and endurance levels" Cindy stated. Vera chimed in, "there are older people and children. There was an older man with a cane walking the bridge! There was also a woman who had lost a leg; she was using crutches and beat us doing the 5K! To see her overcoming her own obstacle just made us want to do a little bit better.and it pushed us." The race has done a lot for Cindy and Vera; they walk together to prepare for the race, and they make an effort to watch what they eat by making better choices. "I was pretty nervous the first time because there is still traffic on the bridge during the race," Vera laughed. "The incline on the bridge is so intimidating and I kept thinking 'Are we going to make it?' That's a great feeling-that we were able to do it and accomplish a goal that we set for ourselves." Cindy added, "It was so neat hearing people from the sidelines cheering us on. This year we walked 3.2 miles in 1 hour, 1 minute and one of us did 38 seconds and the other did 39 seconds." For anyone asking themselves "Should I do something like this?" Vera Masters and Cindy Adams make it really easy to say yes! When asked if there was anything else they wanted to share about their experience, they both exclaimed, "We should have done it sooner!" UP CLOSE Cindy's Family: Sons: Dewey, 33; Henry, 30; and Jim, 27. Vera's Family: Daughter Katie, 24, who participates in the races as well. Vera gushed about her lifelong friend: "Cindy bakes some of the best cakes ever! She bakes for birthdays, weddings and well.for anything!" Cindy added, "I don't want to open a bakery or shop, that would take the fun out of it!" Friend Fact: "I'm terrified of heights!" exclaimed Vera. The two of them laughed about a time that Vera drove over the old Talmadge Bridge, clutching the steering wheel, scared to death! "I would have driven!" Cindy giggled, "But I didn't know!"