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Big news on the entertainment front-I bet you have never been to one of these parties!

Friends, family and entertaining all come naturally to Susan Stauffer. She grew up with all three. From weekly family reunions with up to 20 people to intimate gourmet dinner parties for two couples, Susan has done it all. So, what will she do for an encore? How about a neighborhood gathering with cocktails and appetizers to christen the new bathroom? 

Susan, talk about some of the "regular" entertaining you like to do.
Susan: Dale (Susan's husband) and I like to have a total of eight for dinner parties. We do that often. I think our real favorite though is just hosting one other couple. I like to have us all sit in the kitchen at the breakfast bar so we can chat, then I cook and serve like we are all family. We have had some wonderful times with those evenings. It is very bonding with friends.

P:  I love your home. Did you purchase it with entertaining in mind?
Susan: Actually, I designed the home with the idea of entertaining very much as a "cornerstone." We have lots of movement and space and tons of deck area which we use a lot. It is great for Sunday brunches and we love to be outdoors by the pool. Dale always selects the wines we serve and we have a clean-up routine we do together. It is real teamwork.

P:  What are some of your specialties and favorite foods to prepare?
Susan:  I like most types of cooking and often an idea for a party or gathering will spring from a recipe that I see somewhere. This summer I featured "Salmon Thursdays" with a group of friends. All four couples researched new recipes that featured salmon, and on Thursday evenings we prepared them for each other. I also love to bake and learned many lessons from my grandmothers. We all used to say that they had a "way with yeast".

P:   How did you ever get the idea for a bathroom christening party?
Susan: Well, the bathroom gathering party was an idea that I had immediately when we decided to redo the master bath. Since Henry Felitz, our neighbor, was in charge, I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate, as well as showcase, his efforts. We also thought it would be a great way to just get together. Our neighborhood is very close and the men have a group that eats lunch together every Friday. They call themselves the MOTOs, which stands for "Men On Their Own". Henry is one of them, so we decided to have the whole group. The guys loved the idea, of course. They are always up for a party.

P:   Do you have any specific plans for the party?
Susan: Yes, I have the menu all planned and there will be some surprises just to keep things interesting. Dale and I entertain well together, and our main goal is to make everyone comfortable. If a guest has a favorite, chances are it will show up on the menu and never worry about spilling red wine on the carpet.

  Do you have any pet peeves that you ever mention to your guests?
Susan:  Yes, I guess I do. I really don't like guests who constantly check their cell phones while they are at the table. I think that is inconsiderate to both other guests and the host alike.

P:  With this busy life, do you find time for volunteer work?
Susan:  Yes, I volunteer in many capacities here on the Island. I am treasurer of the Women's Association of Hilton Head Island and the Indigo Run Women's Club. I also volunteer with Hospice Care of the Lowcountry.

Finally, I always like to ask my "One From The Heart" ladies, what words to live by would they like to share with PINK readers.
Susan:  Every day I am so grateful for what I have. Not a single morning passes that I don't wake up in a feeling of complete gratitude. I feel like the luckiest person alive!