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Mastermind Mom

PeggySue Wells has managed to combine a dynamic career as an author with speaking engagements and her busy family life, all without the support of a spouse or relatives. She instinctively sees the greatness in people but especially in her "half dozen plus one" children. On her own, supervising and inspiring seven children, each with widely divergent interests, PeggySue found common ground with a few basic rules: laugh a lot, stay in touch (meaning pick up the phone) and eliminate the 3 C's: complaining, criticizing and condemning. "This is the way we're free to move forward as a family and as individuals," PeggySue stated.

As a homeschool mom, PeggySue said, "I find out what makes my child's eyes light up then we explore that interest." In her role as instructor, she provides encouragement and academic instruction while exposing her children to a wide variety of options. Although her son appears to be "allergic to writing," daughter Estee has followed in her footsteps, a published author in her own rite.

Mother and daughter travel to schools across the nation, encouraging young writers to communicate with skill and passion. Through fun exercises and interactive presentations, PeggySue and Estee simplify the writing process. They demonstrate writing techniques, share editing tips and methods to inspire creativity, and allow time for questions and answers. Most importantly, they encourage writers to communicate from their heart.

Referring to their success as a family band as simply "a ten year phase that kept us positive and together," PeggySue divulged that her musical children, called WELLSpring Fiddlers, had the privilege of opening for The Gaithers and other distinguished southern gospel singers. They performed at the famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville and went on to record their collective talent, which resulted in a CD called "Home for the Weekend".

In addition to being a homeschool mom, the author of eight books, the co-author of six books, a contributor to the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and a writer for hire, PeggySue also found the time to be a voice on Focus on the Family's "Adventures in Odyssey" radio program. To juggle life the way this woman does, one might assume she has super powers. What exactly is her secret?

To discover PeggySue's personal power, you will have to read her new book, Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After, coming out October 2010. Readers will have access to the inner workings of PeggySue's success as a divorced mother with seven children. "This book was written for women with children who never anticipated being divorced and answers the question, 'Here we are, now what?'" Her transformation from raw and vulnerable to accomplished and confident wasn't easy. "The process" she said, "took place over nine years."

For the past three years, PeggySue has been a member of not one, but two mastermind groups. By definition, a mastermind group helps people create success by brainstorming with peers to solve problems and make important decisions. Seeing that PeggySue Wells is a wealth of information and inspiration, forming or joining a mastermind group might be the noteworthy secret.

Some of PeggySue's projects come through her enterprising literary agent. She recently teamed up with Theresa Flores to co-author the riveting true story of an upscale Detroit teen victimized by human trafficking. The book, The Slave Across the Street, tells of Theresa's miraculous escape and healing. Though human trafficking is not a topic often pursued by the public, it is still the number two and fastest growing crime in the world, with 27 million slaves worldwide. This book is a must read.

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Up Close:

Moved here from: Fort Wayne, IN, August '09
Children: AmyRose (28), Leilani (26), Holly (23), Josiah (20), Estee (17), Hannah (14) Lilyanna (11)
Pets: 2 horses, a dog and cat
Books published: 14
Enjoys Reading: Fiction, currently reading Extreme Measures, by Vince Flynn
Advice to single moms: Be in their world. Kids need to know they're the center of Mom's universe.