Nivia Weitzner

Healthy Habit: Balance

HealthyHabitHeader0922 September 2022
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NiviaWeitzner0922Nivia Weitzner
Healthy Habit: Balance

Passion: I’m passionate about so many things, but here are some of my favorites: Yoga, pilates, walking, tennis and meditation. Being a wife, mother, sister and daughter. I’m very passionate about fostering boxers bulldogs and helping them have a wonderful life when they get rehabilitated and healthy to have a new family. The Carolinas Boxer Rescue is the organization where I volunteer my time.

University of Panama Sports and Health Science. Studied Yoga and meditations while I lived in Japan from 1986 to 1991, and worked in the fitness industry when moved back to the USA in 1993 up to 2021. Account manager for my Mattress Shop stores.

Husband Ted for 37 years, son Alex 31 and daughter-in-law Jennipher 31.

Having Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve. How do you define a “balanced life”?
Keeping a balanced life sometimes is very challenging. It takes practice to learn how to find some middle ground and get better at it, making time for things you have to do, as well as things you want to. Finding that medium ground, where we learn enjoyment and happiness, helps create a more balanced life.

Tell us how you have found balance in your daily life:
I have found balance in my life by creating priorities, getting involved in what makes me happy, making good friends who count, working with changes that affect me, and always building my self-esteem and confidence to create a strong mind. Spirituality—spending time alone is very important because it gives me time to reflect on my daily activities, meditate, read, or just be in the present moment where nothing else matters.

Do you believe all women can find balance, even if they lead a super busy lifestyle?
For many of us with busy lives and schedules it’s hard to find balance and cope with the overwhelming feeling that you have to do it all, especially for women. We need to learn to minimize stress and maximize positivity in our lives. One of the first things I did that helped was to stop comparing myself to others; we are all unique. When I feel like I can’t do it all, I remind myself I’m not perfect, and whatever I can’t finish today, tomorrow is another day.

How do you cope with being overwhelmed, and what is your advice to others for coping?
When I’m overwhelmed, I take a step back from what I’m doing, take a deep breath and find a word with a positive intention that can carry me for the rest of the day. This helps me center my mind every time it starts wondering and over-thinking. I always try to find the positive in life. The blessings of just getting up every morning and seeing a new day makes me thankful. For me, going to the beach early in the morning and smelling the fresh air makes me feel so good; it really does wonders to my mind and soul. My advice is to take time a few days a week, even if it is only for 10 to 20 minutes, to go for a walk or sit in a quiet room and breathe. Just be in that present moment, learn to love yourself and be compassionate to yourself. If you do not take care of your well-being, no one else will do it for you.

What is a non-negotiable in your quest for balance?
I have to have a routine since I’m a creature of habit. But sometimes things don’t happen as planned. When my days get crazy, I make a small list of things to do. I never negotiate my exercise time. If something happens, and I can’t do my whole routine for that day, then I will stretch or do a short program at home, even if is 15 minutes. Exercise keeps me centered and happy, and that, to me, is gold.

Life has a sense of heaviness since the world has changed in the last two years, what have you done to stay balanced?
I surround myself with people who I love and feel loved by. I do things that are meaningful to me and make me feel fulfilled. I always try to find a purpose in my life that makes a difference.

For women who feel like life is leading them, instead of them leading life, what are a few first steps to take to start feeling more balanced?
When my life feels disorganized, the result is stress and frustration—that is how I feel when I create imbalance. It comes from neglecting your needs and priorities. I have learned to say “no” more often. Also, learning to stay in the present and set boundaries is important. It has worked for me, and I feel it could help others. Baby-steps help you master good healthy habits.

How has leading a balanced lifestyle enhanced your life? Your body? Your overall feeling of well-being? Your mental health?
Leading a balanced lifestyle has improved my life in every way. I choose to fuel my body with healthy food, which makes me stronger and feel better about myself. Good nutrition gives me mental happiness/alertness. Everything becomes balanced when you create healthy habits.

Why are healthy habits important to you?
Healthy habits are very important to stay moving as I grow older. I love to travel and still have so much to do and so many places to go!