Moms in Touch

How Did God Do That?

Blossoming from one mom's determination, Moms In Touch International gathers women from around the world to pray for children and schools. In just two decades the organization has grown to cover 11,000 schools with prayer. One can only ask, "How did God do that?"

With a dynamic personality and an eye for details, Cindy Foster first discovered Moms In Touch while listening to a radio interview. Cindy learned there were no Moms In Touch groups in her state, "and I knew I needed to start one." Today, Cindy is the South Carolina state coordinator and oversees the state team leaders. "Moms is so much bigger than just one group. It's huge, nationwide, worldwide, and eternal. We call it a prayer movement for the children of the next generation."

Kind-hearted Lenna Quinn has a way about her that makes everyone feel at peace. Years ago, she heard the very same radio interview. She decided she needed to take part in the mom's prayer movement and started a group with a friend. "I believe that what we pray today will affect the world to come."

Laura Fuller exudes a quiet beauty and a rare gentleness. After listening to the interview, she read additional information in her children's school newspaper. As if to clinch the deal, she met Cindy at an orientation meeting. Laura's been a member ever since. "Moms In Touch not only teaches moms how to pray," she stated, "but it really teaches about God too."

The colorful and joyous Robin Walton experienced a loose connection with Moms In Touch while living in Atlanta. After her family moved, Robin joined another Moms group and befriended Lenna. Today, Robin leads the college prayer group. "We never stop praying," Robin said, "We never give up. Everything is possible through God."

For one hour every week, moms around the world gather in groups of two to two-dozen to pray for their children, schools, and schoolteachers. Today, Moms In Touch covers 120 countries with prayer and in South Carolina alone, more than 100 schools. "Prayers are always just one hour," Robin explains. "Moms are so busy, always running around. But that one hour is my time to pray for my children."

 Each meeting begins with praise, then silent confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. In the last step each mom prays about specific requests for their child. At least one other mom will echo the prayer for that child before the session moves on. "The first time someone tries a group, it can be intimidating," Lenna tells how she was shy her first time visiting a group. "But you don't have to pray, you don't have to say anything."

Cindy laughs, "At first, I never prayed aloud. I invite new moms to just come and sit and pray in their hearts."

"Its definitely not about eloquence," Robin said as the other ladies chuckled in agreement. "But it is straight from the heart."

Lenna is serious again, "And that's really the beauty about these groups: the rawness, the transparency."

"One of the greatest things about Moms In Touch is the confidentiality," Robin noted. "There's a lot of trust involved. A lot."

Cindy smiled and leaned closer, "There is something about praying together that creates a closeness that doesn't exist elsewhere. Moms In Touch is a ministry that has no boundaries. More than praying for children, it overflows to affect our lives, our marriages, and teaches us about God and ourselves. It connects us to the body of Christ."

Lenna almost bouncing in her chair, "The most rewarding thing is when my children come to me and ask, 'Mom, can you pray for this, this week?' It just touches my heart."

Robin nodded. "Its so important to kids. They can tell that their mom is a praying mom, a role model, and they see what you're doing for them. I've really seen God's faithfulness not only in school and with my kids, but also with my friends at Moms In Touch."

"We get to see how God answers a prayer and it's not always how we prayed for it," Lenna gaves a day-brightening smile. "But when we see how God orchestrated it, we say again, 'How did God do that?"'

Cindy and her team of state leaders hope to start a group for every school in the state. "No one is really going to pray for your child except you. There is a place to go to pray for your children. Moms In Touch blesses children, moms, and families beyond what you can ask for."

Up Close:

Moms In Touch mission statement: To impact children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.
Goal: Mom's In Touch is currently praying for 7.61% of the schools in South Carolina. Their vision is that every school in the world would be covered with prayer.
For more information contact: Cindy Foster, MITI State Coordinator, 843-686-3233, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.