Margaret Haggerty

One from the Heart

Meet Margaret:
A transplanted New Yorker in love with the Lowcountry-so, what else is new? Well, in this case our New York girl was also a big shot in corporate America, and when she decided to move, her friends thought she was truly crazy. Margaret Haggerty used to come to Hilton Head and Bluffton occasionally to visit friends and always felt a pull from the relaxed lifestyle, but on a visit in 2006, she felt a guidance that came out of prayer and made what she calls a "snap decision" to make a big break. She moved to Bluffton and built a house that is now a "heart home" for her. No more hustle and bustle, and no more stress.

Another huge change came for her when she joined the boys and Girls Club of Hilton Head Island as the Volunteer Coordinator/Member Manager. She had never worked with children and never wanted to, but she has found love and a tremendous feeling of satisfaction in her job.

PINK: What exactly do you do in a typical day at the Boys and Girls Club? Margaret: I do a juggling act, to tell you the truth. I do the calendar, scheduling, and event planning. There is always something going on at the Club, and it is my job to see that it is all running smoothly. Yes, I even make the bank deposits! The other part of my job involves working with volunteers. I like to take time with each person to be sure they are happy-to be sure they are in a place that makes them happy and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Good volunteers are in demand around here, so it is very important that people, who are willing to give of themselves and their time, have personal satisfaction with what they are doing. I am also the face of the club at the front desk. I meet and greet both children and adults as they come in, and I make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.

PINK: You must see many life situations and happenings on a daily basis. What are some of the events or children who have touched you?
Margaret: Yes, I see little miracles every day. I was raised in a home where education was valued above everything, so I really love to see a turn around in grades, especially in young women. I have a little group that I work with, and when one of them gets an A or betters a goal, it is so gratifying to me. I also see children who receive gifts that they would not have if they were not here at the Boys and Girls Club. There was a child who recently had eye surgery and her problem was caught here. She is perfectly normal now. I see families also turn around. Dad finds a job, a health problem is solved, a sick baby is made well-I see so many wonderful things happen. I know that God put me here to see and be a part of all of this and to find the love that surrounds me. Margaret says her faith is her life; she lives with it and through it. The money and positions she held in New York before moving here do not compare to the joy of being thanked by grateful parents or being invited to a special family event by one of the Boys and Girls Club students. She was recently invited to a large family gathering by one of her "girls," and the Grandparents, who she had never met, greeted her like an old friend. They had heard all about her!

Margaret, do you have a dream? Is there something you have always wanted to do that you have not done yet?
Margaret: Yes, I know this may sound funny, but I have always wanted to spend time in France. Not as a tourist, but actually living there. Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to do this. I don't know exactly why this is my dream, but I think we all need to have one. PINK: Finally, what are your words to live by or do you have a life motto that guides you? Margaret: "Life moves forward on many different paths, but God not only always leads you, but also holds your hand as you go.