Lynn Greer

About the Artist

As a child, Lynn Greer knew she enjoyed the art part of school much more than the math part. "I received much more praise from teachers when art was involved," she explained. What she had no way of knowing at the time is that her artistic talents would eventually lead her to a career filled with passion and joy. The hard part, as for most artists, was the challenge of moving her status from "starving artist" to full-time artist.

A Greenville, South Carolina resident since the age of eight, Lynn's mother saw the talent in her daughter and nurtured it. With no serious art classes for children, she enrolled Lynn into adult classes at the museum. When it came time for college, Lynn had her heart set on studying at the art department of the University of Georgia. Since it was out-of-state, her dad made her pay the difference in tuition. Undeterred, Lynn rose to the challenge, graduating from UGA in 1979 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After eight years as an Art Director in the advertising world-a professional jaunt to lovingly prove to her dad that she could do something with her degree-she bravely left her steady to paycheck to pursue a professional career as a watercolorist. For the last 24 years she has made a living as a working artist; painting commissioned works, participating in solo and group exhibitions, taking part in outdoor arts festivals and entering juried competitions.

A reknown commissioned portrait artist, Lynn struck a chord with all levels of art lovers when she created her Beach Ladies. "I love to watch people living their everyday lives, especially at the beach. People do things at the beach that you never see anywhere else.and they do it with fewer clothes on!" she laughed. "I think all women can see a little bit of themselves in my beach ladies. They're fun, humorous, and real." And popular, as they took the art scene by storm! Retail stores across America picked up Lynn's Beach Lady series prints with tremendous success. "It's a joy to see people find joy in what I do," Lynn expressed. "I love the watercolor medium. The fluidity, and unlimited ability to surprise, both add to the enjoyment of painting. I am exhilarated by the process as well as the product, whether I am painting a floral, a portrait, or a cityscape."

While Lynn feels that she is still emerging as an artist, she has been named in the top 20 emerging artists in the United States. It's not surprising. Her hard work, mixed with dedication, discipline, and a strong dose of passion can only lead to success.

Lynn is a member with excellence of the South Carolina Watercolor Society, a signature member of the GA Watercolor Society, and a board member of the Metropolitan Arts Council (Greenville, SC).  She has been featured in several national publications, including Watercolor Magic, The Palette Magazine, and American Artist Watercolor Magazine.

For more information on Lynn Greer, log onto, or contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 864-370-9519.