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Meet Lois Willig
Retired schoolteacher Lois Willig has known for a while that her look was outdated. However, she has always been more concerned with making sure others are taken care of rather than making time for herself. Having moved to Sun City 12 years ago from Pennsylvania, Lois has found herself involved with her church, serving as the Mission Chair and the Bulletin Chair. "I like to spend my time and energy on others who need it," stated Lois. She and Wally, her husband of 33 years, also enjoy spending a lot of time on their sailboat, where fashion takes a backseat to the natural beauty of the Lowcountry. "I know I'm in an old-fashioned rut when it comes to my looks. I'm ready for a change!" she exclaimed.

The Hair:
As we walked into Salon Shelter Cove, Lois let me in on a little secret-she has never enjoyed haircuts. It's a big part of the reason her hair routine has been so simple: shampoo and air dry. Her naturally curly hair had also never been colored. With a challenge ahead, hair stylists Leigh Anne Maiden and Carla Bozeman were ready to give Lois the transformation of a lifetime. Carla began by foiling caramel highlights into Lois' hair, then applying an organic warm-brown base around the foils. Coloring hair this way gives it the purist color possible from the dye. According to Carla, "Uncolored gray hair will absorb light, whereas colored hair will reflect light, making hair look shinier, healthier, and more moisturized."

After a quick rinse with All Nutrient Organic Clarifying shampoo, Lois relaxed while Carla and Leigh Anne applied a Keratin Smoothing Treatment to her hair to reduce frizziness, making it smooth and manageable. After 20 minutes, her hair was blow-dried, then flat-ironed. The flat-iron had to be run over each section of hair eight-to-ten times in order to achieve the correct results from the keratin. Once her hair was straight, Carla cut off two inches of length and shaped it around her face. She then added extensions to maximize texture and fullness.

The Nails:
Next, Cosmetologist Jessica Lynn gave Lois a fabulous spa manicure using Shellac-a hybrid between a regular nail polish and the UV gel used in acrylic manicures. This polish dries under a UV light in approximately three minutes and lasts for at least two weeks, with minimal chipping and wear. Lois chose OPI's best-selling color, a vibrant, deep red called, "I'm not really a waitress."
Following her manicure, Lois had her eyebrows waxed for the first time in her life. Surprisingly, she complained of no pain. Makeup came next. The girls used Estee Lauder and Clinique makeup to even out and brighten Lois' skin. They lined her eyes with white eyeliner to make her eyes sparkle and followed with complementary eye shadow and mascara. A little blush and some lip color and gloss, and Lois was ready for new clothes.

The Outfit:
Thanks to the creative staff at Fresh Produce, located in Coligny Plaza, Lois was able to don the perfect spring outfit to wear out on the water. After changing into a white Me To Go top and a pair of white Stretch Broadcloth Safari pants, both by Fresh Produce, Lois slipped on a Spartina 449 scarf in Sailor's Watch that had creatively been transformed into a vest. A simple Destino Brighton necklace and a pair of Riley Sapphire okaB sandals completed her vibrant, updated spring look.
With her transformation finally complete, Lois stared at the result in the mirror. With a huge smile on her face, and the faintest hint of happy tears in her eyes, she inquired, "Who is that person in the mirror?" That, Lois, is the beautiful woman that has been there the whole time. It's you.only better!
Facing the World: Husband Wally: "Where did you get all that hair? It looks awesome! You look 15 years younger! Now I need a makeover!"
Lois emailed us: "What an unbelievable time since leaving the salon Tuesday afternoon!  It's still a shock when I see my reflection!  It was so neat yesterday at the luncheon. There were two distinct reactions; either shock with no initial reaction, to stopping dead in their tracks with smiles spreading on their faces! The comments all centered around how much younger I look, less drawn, less tired looking and much healthier. Now picture in Sun City having a neighbor do a cat-call whistle when I went out for the mail. The lawn guy didn't recognize me until I walked up closer. He said it was such a more casual, care-free look instead of having my hair pulled back severely or piled up on top of my head! I Can't thank you enough for this true transformation with a new lease on life!"

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