Kendall Walton

A Passion for Fashion

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This question is thrown at children from the time they are old enough to have their first thoughts for themselves, and continues to haunt them through most of their adult life. Most college graduates don't even know the answer. Some people in their 40's still don't know the answer. But for Kendall Walton, the answer has been clear to her since she was five years old: fashion.

At the age of five, Kendall developed a love for fashion far beyond the normal little girl interest in makeup and curls. At seven she learned how to sew her own purses, and soon after she began sketching ideas for outfits, and at the age of 16, her interest is still growing. "No one in my family was ever really interested in fashion, I just developed an interest on my own by watching TV shows and reading through magazines," Kendall said. "I just love looking through magazines and seeing the different styles, colors and patterns, and then trying to use what I see to come up with my own ideas."

Although Kendall loves to read and gain inspiration from fashion magazines, she doesn't always follow the current trends. She loves bright colors, sparkles, glitter, and all accessories. "I don't like to be defined by a stereotype- preppy girl or anything else. I like to be all over the place with my style," Kendall said.   

Kendall claims her fashion must-haves include: Ugg boots in the winter, Gladiator sandals in the summer and great jewelry all year round. "I'm really an accessory girl," said Kendall, "I love just wearing jeans and a t-shirt and dressing it up with great glasses, jewelry, shoes and any accessory I can find!"

Kendall's love for fashion is more than a hobby, in fact, she has already begun planning and preparing for what she hopes to be a promising future in fashion. Two summers ago she attended a fashion camp near Los Angeles, California, and last summer she spent three weeks sewing purses and assisting with a fashion camp for little girls ages 6-12. Her current goal is to convince her parents to let her attend fashion week in New York this year.

Although college is still a couple years away for Kendall, she has already started looking into her options. So far, her choices include the Fashion Institute of Technology or Parsons School of Design in New York, any fashion school in California, or Virginia Tech University, where her sister currently attends. "My dream is to get an internship with Teen Vogue or another big fashion magazine," said Kendall. "I don't really care what I do for them as long as it's something involved with fashion!"

The world is changing rapidly and different trends are arising every day, but to Kendall, fashion will always be an important aspect of culture. "Whether we like it or not, everyone is judged based on how they look, and it is important to dress nicely to make a good impression," Kendall said. "Looking nice doesn't mean you have to follow every fashion rule, as long as you do what you like and you feel good about yourself."

Up Close:

: 16
High School: Hilton Head Preparatory School
Favorite Fashion Designers: Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson
Fashion Inspirations: Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson
Inspiration in life: "My mom because she raised me and I can trust her with anything. Even though I have to help her get dressed in the morning!" Kendall jokes
Other Hobbies: Tennis, singing, acting, and playing instruments such as piano, guitar and violin
Plan B if fashion career doesn't work out:  Lawyer. because "I'm good at arguing"