Kate Brobston

A Running Legacy

Kate Brobstonby Jessica Galán  
Photography by Anne, Inc. – Sloan Bragg

Disciplined. Fit. Focused. These are the words that come to mind when one converses with Kate Brobson. At only 28, Kate has established herself as a fit athlete and a dedicated lawyer. One may say that “lawyer DNA” runs through her veins, as both Kate’s father and grandfather practice law. Currently, she works as a criminal defense lawyer in Beaufort. “Growing up, my father would ask about my thoughts on a case…little did I know that he had me captivated. The law is about ethics and moral beliefs. My mind was piqued, and I thought that I would perhaps be a teacher, as I majored in English, but I found law intriguing.” So it comes as no surprise that Kate excels in most things that make a woman strong. She’s run many marathons, trains almost daily to stay fit and her strength resonates both inside and out—physically and emotionally.

 Kate graduated from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama in May 2012. What are the pros and cons of life as a lawyer? “I love the variety. I love that each day is filled with people from varied walks of life. I work closely with people; you really have to be a people person and listen well. What I dislike is the idea that I’m keeping criminals on the streets. When in actuality, I’m safeguarding a human’s constitutional rights. Everyone deserves a fair trial and my hope is to make sure that I can convince a jury that a fair punishment fits a specific crime.”

 As a child, Kate remembers her conversations with her father about how law and a person’s bad or good choices impacted a community for better or worse. “I loved seeing my father and grandfather take pride in defending others...in being able to honor an insurance claim that could make or break a family’s livelihood.” However, Kate thought long and hard before she decided to enter law school. She clerked at a local public defender’s office in 2011, wanting to make sure she was ready for the time and commitment that a law school education requires.

“In the practice of law, there is a gray area; it’s not black and white. One wonders ‘Who’s really at fault? Who is criminally responsible?’ ” One must be a woman of valor to tackle the tedious research of criminal law. Kate is a strong tower of sorts, but her heart doesn’t forget to “make a difference.”
It makes perfect sense for Kate to lace up a pair of running shoes, grab her iPod and run off a day’s stress. To strengthen her mind and remain sharp, Kate has persevered both inside and outside of the courtroom. “I enjoy working out. I need to zone out after a hard day. I need to challenge myself physically.” Kate said.

Kate challenged her body by running in 5K races and focused on increasing her time on the runner’s path. “My goal at first was to run it in under 30 minutes. After I met that goal, I was ready for a 10K. I’ve participated in the Palmetto Half Marathon, training hard for it. My goal was to recover well, listen to my body and push through to reach my running goals.” she said.

Kate resides on St. Helena Island and is recently engaged. She enjoys cycling with her fiancé and plans on a May 2015 wedding in Beaufort. Besides the two men who have influenced her love of law, Kate mentions that her paternal grandmother has shaped her values and outlook on life. “My grandmother recently passed; I’ll never forget what she’s instilled, making a strong impact on my life: To be open-minded to people of all colors and socioeconomic backgrounds. She would invite us to the Gulf shores of Alabama every Thanksgiving because family and love mattered,” Kate said. And, for Kate Brobson, they always will.

Up Close:

Favorite moment:
the sunset on her fiancé’s boat.

Favorite law movie:
My Cousin Vinnie.

Reading, writing and all things
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.!

Her physical thrills:
Tennis and cycling.

Kate’s favorite food:

Legacy that will continue:
My family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner along the Gulf shore
of Alabama.