Jane Kendall

Spirituality: Curiosity, Practice, Experience

I caught up with Jane Kendall the day before she was leaving for the land of warmth and beauty-Mexico. Two weeks earlier she had attended the "I Can Do It" seminar in Tampa, Florida. As a result of this soulful retreat, her intuition guided her to take a leap of faith and embark on a 17-day journey to the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula. One of Jane's favorite authors, Caroline Myss, says, "I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill-a skill based in self-esteem." Jane's positive lifestyle is, and has been, leading her into unknown excitements and delights.
What kind of life does one live to develop a high level of intuition and self-esteem? Studying the subject of this article leads one to some answers. Jane's soft, smooth voice belies her sense of adventure, a key experiential component of her intuitive growth. For example, she biked 240 miles from Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria with the Kickin' Asphalt Bike Club. Jane likes to travel to places where she doesn't speak the language. She says, "I trust the universe will provide whatever I need to navigate safely."

Jane's trusting of intuition is the result of her personal and spiritual evolution, as she calls it. She lets inspiration take her to the next new place, such as a boat trip down the Danube River or to the San Juan Islands to marvel at Orca whales, or possibly Paris, Barcelona, or more time in India. She says she is like a little kid exploring the world. This woman's adventurous approach to life has also included parasailing and zip lining through the treetops in the mountains of North Carolina. She is a certified water aerobics instructor and was trained at an ashram to be a Hatha Yoga instructor.

Jane speaks of "living her spirit," explaining that she is open and lets adventures and other learning experiences "show up." She adds that it is great to have ideas and a burning desire to do something, but her path is to put it out there and let it come back to her-to be open to what shows up. She has practiced intensely at not being vague about her aspirations and desires. She is as specific as she can be so she is able to recognize when the universe brings forth the answers and tools to help meet her goals.
Attending many seminars, extensive reading, and considerable time in India have helped Jane to develop her personal philosophy that embraces openness. That openness allows her to benefit from group energy and also meshes with her keen curiosity that fuels her passion for life. Her curiosity and zest for learning have motivated her to join a camera club and computer club. She is happy to be a bit of a geek and to seek out other geeks.

Jane also volunteers for the Low Country Autism Foundation and Volunteers in Medicine. She declares her Hilton Head life to be chapter three in her biography. She finds the people here to be warm and inclusive. Jane's inner light shines out when she smiles and reflects her successful journey to develop a personal philosophy that she truly lives. She leads an impressively rich life because she lives what she has learned as a curious adventurer. Her self-esteem comes from having internalized several dictums, i.e.: "Life is short; play hard", "What you think and speak become manifest", "You can heal your life", "Before speaking first think why you want to say it. Will what you say be useful or uplifting for the listener?", "Get clearer in your conversations with yourself", "Have clear intentions that you will manifest."

There is wisdom in how she lives her life. She experienced bumps in the road in the first two chapters of her life, but now she has direction and confidence and is tuned into her intuition that guides her from one adventure to another and also from one accomplishment to another. One can learn much from Jane Kendall.

Up Close:

Hobbies: Photography, DVD production, biking, kayaking, spinning classes
Greatest pleasures: Pleasing someone, meditating to decompress, walking the beach

Hidden talent: "I can ride a camel."

Inspiration: A positive life

Words to live by
: "What I do today is important because I'm exchanging a day of my life for it."  -unknown 

How long on HHI: 10 years

About the photo above: Jane is pictured with Mexican healer, Fabian Rios, with whom she experienced a beautiful healing ritual, a powerful Aztec meditation and dance at the beach during her recent trip to Mexico.