Hear Me Roar - Whitney Harris

Numeracy Coach at St. Helena Elementary School

Photography by Christian Lee

Hear Me Roar

Whitney Harris
Numeracy Coach at
St. Helena Elementary School
Beaufort, S.C.

What makes you laugh so hard you cry?  
Reminiscing with my brother about childhood memories. We can tell the same story over and over again and it never gets old. I sometimes laugh so hard I get stomach cramps!

What’s something you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for making a difference. As an educator, I always wonder if my students are really listening to what I am saying, regardless if it is about school or life. It’s always a joy to run into former students who say I contributed to something successful going on in their life. One of my greatest moments to date was running into a former student who said he wants to study abroad in high school and college because of what he learned from me during College Day at my school.

Who has influenced you most in becoming who you are?
My parents—they are my biggest cheerleaders and would do anything for anyone. I wish they didn’t live 10 hours away! Also, Mrs. Mefford, my 7th grade math teacher, influenced me the most as a teacher. She was my favorite teacher, who always made learning fun!

Pick a superpower… I wish I could fly. Then I could visit my family and friends all around the country whenever I wanted.

You’re stranded on a deserted island. You can have 10 things. What are they?
1. Basket of nail polish; 2. Magazines;
3. Sunblock; 4. A good book; 5. Chef;
6. Radio; 7. Sunglasses; 8.Hammock;
9. Cabana boy; 10. Step tracker

Any special talents?
I was blessed with the talent to sing and named after Whitney Houston, so I enjoy all songs by Whitney! You can find me singing “Rolling in the Deep” at karaoke night or “From this Moment” at a wedding.

What quote do you try to live by?  
Dance like no one is watching;  Love like you’ve never been hurt; Work like you don’t need the money;
Sing like no one is listening; Live like it’s heaven on earth.

What’s a big “what if” for you?
As I child, I always wanted to be a pediatrician, but I decided to change my major in college. I wonder what life would be like working in a doctor’s office every day instead of a school? I would still be working with children, which is what I love to do. I used to not be phased by bodily fluids, but now I gag at the first sight of it. I definitely believe I chose the right occupation.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
When people don’t use their turn signals!

What are five things that make you most happy right now?
1. Spending time with my adorable nephew
2. Going home to Kentucky to visit
my friends and family
3. Spending the day at the beach
4. Shopping
5. I’ve recently started to enjoy cooking,
so I like trying new recipes. I have
had a few unsuccessful meals.

You probably HEARD ME ROAR: during March Madness, even though my Louisville Cardinals were not in the tournament. 