Chandra Barton

Pink's Monthly Makeover

Meet Chandra:
In this season of miracles, many of us gain a heightened awareness of the beauty and miracles around us, but Chandra Barton wakes up every day to her miracle. Eight years ago, Chandra was pregnant with her first and only son, Brody, when she developed a serious heart problem. The doctors told her that having the baby right away was the only chance for both her and Brody to survive. Brody was born ten days later at only two pounds, and a month after that Chandra had heart surgery. Although both mother and son made it through, this event dramatically changed Chandra's life. She now lives with a pacemaker, and at eight-years-old, Brody stands at only three-feet-tall, weighs a mere 35 pounds, and has an extreme immune deficiency, causing him to get sick very easily. Last year, Brody got sick with Pneumonia and fought for his life in the hospital for six weeks. Now, Chandra has chosen to stay at home with her self-described "miracle baby" to help keep him healthy. She and her husband gladly sacrifice all of their time and finances to care for the light of their lives, so we thought it was about time Chandra received a little love and care of her own.

Hair and Makeup:
When Chandra walked into Village Spa in Bluffton, her hair was a sunny, box-blonde on top and a daring purple underneath, which she admitted was a spontaneous decision with a friend. As she sat down with stylist Carrie Smoot, she warned her that she was a little gun-shy, due to a negative experience she had three years ago, when a stylist cut her hair to an all-over length of a little more than an inch long. Carrie comforted Chandra and assured her that even though they would be cutting some length, she would still have plenty of hair. After a quick consultation with stylist Cheryl Maloney, the team decided that an Auburn Golden Brown color would warm up Chandra's complexion dramatically and bring out her stunning green eyes. Once the color was complete, Carrie waxed Chandra's eyebrows (for the first time in her life!) and moved on to a cut that was much more tailored and stylish. She textured her hair into a long swing bob, all together cutting off about six inches of length.

Hair Products Used: Matrix Color Sync, and Loreal Real Professionnel Power Dose Color Treatment, Color Conditioner, Architexture, Perfect Shimmer, and Infinium Texture Spray

With a brand new head of hair, Chandra was excited and ready for a brand new look to her makeup, as well. Although she admitted to not wearing much make up on a daily basis, she urged Carrie to be dramatic with her face, to match her striking new hairstyle. Carrie used her private stash of products to paint on gorgeous colors that evened out Chandra's skin tone and emphasized her beautiful eyes.

Make Up Products Used: Bareminerals concealor in Summer Bisk, blush in Rose Glow, Mary Kay eye pencil in Espresso, eye shadows in brown and green, Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Black, lipliner in Addiction, and Mary Kay lipstick in Bronzed

Final Touches:
As Carrie turned Chandra towards the mirror for her first look at her new self, Chandra's eyes filled with tears as the rest of the salon "oohed" and "ahhed" over her transformation. After a heartfelt hug with Carrie, we headed to Couture Boutique where Chandra was dressed in a stunning ensemble that further accented her gorgeous eyes and hair. Then home she went to show off her new look to her husband and Brody.
Dear Chandra, thank you for reminding us to be grateful for the miracles around us every day. Enjoy your new look!

Simply Stated: Special thanks to the team at Village Spa, located at 14 Johnson Way in Bluffton. To make appointments with any of the staff please call: Carrie Smoot at 843-415-6778; Trich Lammy at 843-368-8502; Valerie Leighty at 843-384-1341; Colleen Baldwin at 843-384-4527; Sheryl Maloney at 843-338-3467; Lori Smith at 843-368-6829; Cindy Brown at 843-757-3149; Heather Gilmore at 843-247-4686.
Thanks also to Couture Boutique, located at 101-H Commerce Place West, off of Highway 170 near Zaxby's. For more information on Couture Boutique, a great place for clothing, accessories and lunch, please call 843-705-5004.

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