Carolyn Epperly

About the Artist

Carolyn Epperly was born and raised in the foothills of Virginia and always surrounded by beauty. Martinsville, her hometown, though a factory town, had diligently maintained its dedication to the preservation of trees. Forests hid the factories and trees created boundary lines. The total disregard other communities had for the beauty of nature conjured a deep appreciation for beauty. Beauty, in many forms, has always attracted Carolyn, and is what she strives to capture within her paintings.

Carolyn attended the University of South Carolina, avoiding art classes. After living on Prince Edward Island for two years, Carolyn returned to South Carolina to visit her college roommate. They met in Charleston. She fell in love with the Southern city. Here was a community that embodied all of the devotion to beauty she had been seeking. "I must paint, I must capture this in my own voice". Carolyn never left, feeling she was truly home.

Carolyn, who wanted to be an oil painter, decided she knew very little about color. As a graphite artist in Canada, color was not important or even necessary. In contrast, Charleston was pulsating with every tone imaginable. Carolyn decided to learn about color by taking a class with Virginia Fouche Bolton, a locally famous artist. The extremely challenging medium of transparent watercolor intrigued her. The tones that could be created were like jewels on the paper. As with her instant love of Charleston, Carolyn also became passionate about the medium.

Light inspires Carolyn Epperly. "I paint the moment that a subject or scene transcends the ordinary through its effect. Often, it is the light I am painting rather than the subject." She explained, "Light, the play of it on a building, a figure, a landscape, dictates my choice of painting subject. I am fascinated by the influence of light on color, pattern and emotion."

"My preference is figurative painting. I love telling a story through body language, enhanced by the drama of color and light. My most recent series, "Reflections", embodies all elements of painting subjects, including architecture. I paint in these works what is on the reflective surface, what is both inside and outside of it, something the eye cannot interpret all at once. These works have many layers and ask the viewer to journey into the looking glass."

Carolyn has enjoyed both national and international recognition. Her many awards have gained her signature status in two prestigious watercolor societies of the United states, National Watercolor Society (NWS), and Watercolor USA Honor Society (WHS). She is an Artist of Excellence for the state's society, South Carolina Watermedia Society (SCWS), having served on the board for 12 years and as president in 2011.

Carolyn is married to a Charleston native, whom, she says, has plough (pluff) mud and rice running in his veins. Her three daughters all decided to explore college in the north and are now striving to return to their beloved city. All are creative and talented people, but not yet painters.

Carolyn's work can be viewed at her studio by appointment, 32 Hasell St, Charleston or Lowcountry Gallery, 148 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401. For more information visit, email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 843-343-5520.