Bonnie Hallman

One From the Heart

True style is timeless and individual and just that perfect look can be as different as your imagination can make it. In fact, in my mind, I associate the word style with the word unique and Bonnie Hallman is truly one of a kind and "One From the Heart."

Bonnie Hallman has a cute, perky, petite look, and so she is. She goes a mile a minute and always has something happening, not only with and in herself, but in what she inspires in those around her. It is impossible to be still when you are with her. She is a spark plug in the true sense of the word. Her style is exemplified in her approach to challenges and problems. She says, "The first thing I do is pray. Then I seek the counsel of people I love, trust and respect. I ask the advice of people who know more about the subject than I do. Then, finally, when I am ready, I decide what to do."

Pink:  What is the most beautiful gift you have ever received?
Bonnie: Sometimes a beautiful gift can be an outcome. Some of the scariest words in any language are, "You have cancer." Here is another dreaded phrase: "You need open-heart surgery."  When these words were directed at me, I was terrified. But, I looked for blessings and found beauty in places I least expected. For example, I cried when I went to radiation for the first time, and I cried the last time. Loving angels had been my caregivers at the hospital and I was going to miss them! After four surgeries in five years, I have had a compelling desire to help others and to grow in my faith.  These are gifts I see as beautiful.

P:    How do you search for beauty in other people?
I do not look at outward signs like clothing, hair or the ordinary definitions. I ask myself, "Is that person genuine and sincere? Are they kind? Are they cordial? That is what's important. I look for a sense of humor too. Finally, I look for grace in attitudes toward others. I mean not just how a person treats me, but how they treat those with whom they interact. Personally, I think beauty refreshes the soul. A difficult time in life can be beautiful when it leads to faith, hope and peace. An ugly dog is beautiful to her owner - I know, I had one! Final example- a neighbor who has been unfriendly from day one is so very beautiful when she brings you a hot meal after surgery!"

What makes you feel beautiful?
Bonnie: I do not think of myself as beautiful in the centerfold or classic definition. I feel the most beautiful when I am helping or serving someone. I also feel absolutely lovely when someone smiles at me and greets me like they are genuinely glad to see me. I feel absolutely gorgeous when my grandchildren come running to me, jump into my arms and hug me with their childish joy.

  Finally, Bonnie, you have had so many trials in your life; do you have words to live by or a favorite quote that you use in hard times?
Bonnie: Yes, I do.  Joshua, 1:9 is my rock. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Up Close:

Biggest challenge you have faced in your life: I am truly a survivor.  I have conquered both breast cancer and open-heart surgery.
Would spend a free hour:  Chatting with a friend!
Favorite Read:  I enjoy historical fiction. Any beautifully written story appeals to me as well.
Favorite view in the Lowcountry: Any view of the ocean!