Beverly Petrilli

One From the Heart

More than anyone I know, Beverly Petrilli fits PINK to a tee this month. Her home is always open and welcoming, and so is her heart, not only for her family, but also for others in need. PINK: Talk a bit about you and how you came here and about your family. Beverly: I grew up in the Boston area, and Mike, my husband, and I moved here about 13 years ago. We have quite a large family and we are all very close. We have three children and six grandchildren. Our oldest daughter and two granddaughters live in Lake Barrington, IL. We have a daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren who live here on Hilton Head, and another son and daughter-in-law and two grandsons in Bethesda, MD. The rest of our big tribe lives in the New England area. Our children, who live away, will visit at least twice a year, and when they are all here together it is a fun time. Between children visiting and the rest of the family coming around, we probably have company around twice a month! PINK: Where do you like to take visitors-what are some of your favorite Island spots? Beverly: We go all over, but we really love to take visitors to our beautiful beach. We always include a trip to Harbour Town and we like to go to Beaufort and Savannah as well. Since we have two different age groups, we try to find things to do that all will enjoy. Everyone loves the beach and the younger grandsons love being with their older cousins. The young boys enjoy the Sandbox, parks, and the pony rides at Lawton Stables. The older children always like the Art CafÈ. We like boating and of course at Pirate Miniature Golf. This year we had a girls' night out and went to dinner and the Arts Center. Nowadays, the girls like to have their nails done-that is new for us as they become young ladies. PINK: What is your favorite restaurant of choice? Beverly: To be perfectly honest, of all the places to eat here on Hilton Head, it seems that my kitchen is the most popular. The big family favorite is ravioli with meatballs and sausage. It is also a gathering place, and our home is really designed for many people to be together in a warm casual setting in and around the kitchen. PINK: Beverly as a "One From The Heart" lady, I know you have several volunteer commitments that are very important to you. What are some of the ways you share your time? Beverly: Mike and I are both Eucharistic Ministers at St. Francis by the Sea Church, and I also volunteer at the St. Francis Thrift Shop once a week. I have been doing that since we moved here. Recently, I have taken on another commitment with my husband that is very challenging. He is the chair of the Hilton Head Island United Way campaign and I try to support him in any way that I can. I host neighborhood cocktail parties for the United Way, and I am available to assist in any activities that come up at the last minute. We both believe in the United Way and the wonderful local programs that it supports. This year they have a new program that focuses on early grade reading. They are trying to recruit 600 volunteers to help children in K-3rd grade to improve their reading skills so when they enter into the 4th grade they are reading at grade level. What a gift to our young people it would be if this program were to be successful! PINK: Speaking of reading-what are you reading now? Beverly: I am glad you asked me that. This is my very favorite book: The Diverse Schools Dilemma. It is written by Michael J. Petrilli, Jr. My son just had his book published and it was written up in the Washington Post! We are very proud of him as you can imagine. PINK: You have such a full life with loving family and close friends, Beverly, do you have some words to live by that you could share with PINK readers? Beverly: Yes, I do. I had a life defining moment 18 years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a successful kidney transplant and now I thank God every day for all of the blessings that He has given to me and my family.