Amy Lee Caimano

Hear Me Roar


November 2022 Issue
Photo by T.R. Love, T.R. Media World

Realtor – Mom – Crazy Cat Lady
Family: My husband Paul (my rock); my son Brennen, 30; my son Dallas, 28; and my twins James (Trey) and Delaney, turning 20 this month and their significant others who
I love also.
Passion: My family, my friends and my cat, Figaro!

What are three characteristics that your girlfriends would say they love about you?
My undying loyalty and support, my sense of humor and my ability to plan and get everyone together. Oops that’s 4!

You were a hairstylist at a retirement community and met many wonderful seniors while doing their hair, did you form any special friendships?
I met and befriended many wonderful men and women at Indigo Pines on Hilton Head. I have so many great memories and learned so many life lessons from them. One resident, Olivia “Lympe” Young, and I became especially close; I believe it was because I had lost my mom and my grandmothers and craved a maternal relationship. Lympe had four sons, so I think she enjoyed having me as a “daughter-type” friend. We had so much in common, starting with our anniversary date—October 27— all the way to her former late-life career as a hairstylist. (She became a hairdresser in her 60s to fight boredom!)

What do you think it was about Lympe that made the two of you click?
She had a zest for life even in her 90s with a no nonsense way of telling it like it was! She was strong, tough, intelligent, funny and loving, just like I try to be in life.

What are a few lessons you learned from Lympe?
I definitely learned that you keep living, having fun, enjoying life and loving those around you. You are NEVER too old to do anything or try something new. (Like going to beauty school in your 60s!)

What was the coolest thing about Lympe?
There were a lot of cool things about Lympe, but the VERY coolest was that she served in the Marines in her 20s! I don’t mean she served as a nurse in the Marines, she was enlisted as a MARINE!

Do you have a favorite number?
I tend to prefer odd numbers… 5-9-7-11… Oh! And 27! My husband Paul and I met on October 27th; that is our special day! When Lympe and I talked about her marriage to her husband “Ferg” and their relationship she would always share stories and tell me how she would read letters from him from years ago over and over again to keep him close to her.  Their wedding anniversary was October 27th! Paul and I couldn’t believe it. Lympe and Ferg’s son Skip, who lives in Hilton Head and we became fast friends with, was born on October 27th! It has become such a special day to share with Skip over the years ! When it came time for my wedding day, October 27th, 2012, Skip invited me to come and pick out a piece or two of Lympe’s jewelry for myself and my daughter Delaney to wear. I was beyond thrilled! I chose a pearl necklace for myself and a beautiful pin for my daughter.  It was so special and really made my daughter and I so happy to have a piece of Lympe with us on the wonderful day! 

What would you say to people who think most elderly people have lost their mojo?
I would say go hang around Indigo Pines, The Seabrook and other great older living communities; they have so many wonderful, energetic and amazing people! Hilton Head Island has an abundance of folks who have lived long, rich lives and have so much to share and teach. The younger generation could benefit from them in so many ways!

Have you felt Lympe’s spirit since she’s passed?
One of the mementos of Lympe’s that I have is her name badge from Indigo Pines, I keep it in my car console so it is with me all the time. A few years ago I was on my way to show property to clients, and I reached over in my console and put my name badge on. Just as I was getting out of the car to meet the clients, I looked down to be sure my name badge was straight. I had put on Lympe’s name tag instead of mine! I had such a great laugh, and at that moment I knew Lympe was up in Heaven laughing with me!  It was such a great feeling and a wonderful moment of connection with her!

Do you keep in touch with any of your childhood friends?
Ah! I am the master of childhood friends. My very longest childhood friend is Deborah; our parents were best friends in college, then lived near each other and brought us up together. We have been friends since before we were born! Anne is my best friend from the neighborhood where I grew up. We’ve been friends since we were 3 and still get together all the time. We both ended up in South Carolina! I have friends from all of my years, schools, churches, women’s groups, neighbors, workplaces…my best friends from high school are still going strong and our kids are now friends, too!

What’s one of the most memorable moments you’ve ever had with a girlfriend?
I cannot repeat that story, but I will tell you it in involved pool hopping back in Columbia, MD! Those who know, know!

If you could tell women anything about being a good friend, what would you say?
I have to say here that I learned about women friends from my mom and her girlfriends, many of whom I still am in touch with. We share our love and loss of my mom, who I consider my very best friend of all time. “Be true and loyal, and be the kind of friend you would want. And be honest!”

What are you currently roaring about?
Right now, I AM GONNA BE A GRANDMA! My daughter is expecting and due in December. I am so excited about this next chapter of my life. I am also very honored to be working with Bombas socks again, distributing socks to those in need in the Lowcountry all the way to the Midlands. It is my TRUE pleasure!