Amee Patrick

Intensely Genuine

It seems Amee Patrick has always taken the road less travelled. Possibly because as a child she felt she didn't fit in. Instead of socializing, cheerleading, and parties, Amee ran-miles each day-and this practice put her on the perfect path to pursue her passions. Amee is the mother of five, wife of a politician, former firefighter, current protection specialist, who definitely marches to the beat of her own tight drum.

She is intriguing to say the least. Just to look at her close to six-foot, chiseled frame speaks volumes of the discipline she mandates in her daily life. Her every word is well thought out as she speaks gently, softly, kindly, smiling often, with both her mouth and her eyes. Her staunch discipline has served her well in each job she has held-all very untraditional jobs for women. However, in her current role, this discipline can mean the difference between living and dying.

Amee's position as a protection specialist takes her all over the world, protecting high-profile, high-net worth clients from harm-embarrassment, assassination, bodily injury, kidnapping-whatever form of harm may arise. "My job is to bear the weight. You have to be thinking of everything at once. It's not singular. You can't be thinking on a linear plane," she explains.
It is easy to envision Amee in this role. She was born to do this job. She is an expert in self-defense and at ease operating any gun out there. In fact, while most of us are still trying to master our iPhones, Amee can hit an iPhone dead center with an AK47 from long range. However, she is quick to point out, "I've always found it satisfying to mitigate a potential problem before it becomes a problem. If I have to draw a weapon, then I've not done my job."

From being a member of the dive search and rescue, to EMT, to firefighter, to licensed USCG boat captain, to protection specialist, all of Amee's career choices have required intense training and extreme physical fitness. Being ready and able is essential. "Proper planning prevents poor performance. It requires you to be creative." In fact that is what she loves most about her job-creative thinking is required. "It's not about the number of physical bodies used to surround someone to keep them safe, it's a combination of different tactics. You have to constantly be thinking, adjusting, accounting for, and accommodating different variables."

It's not ironic that these same skills are also necessary to be a great mom-another of Amee's passions. She and her husband, Andy, have five children, the youngest two, Sasha and Vlademir, were adopted from Russia. They were orphan mates. Sasha is bilaterally deaf. At age three, he could not speak or hear. Vlademir was his ears and voice. "I love parenting! There is an equation that I remember that makes me determined to have solid relationships with my children. It is: Rules without relationship equals rebellion. I want my kids to know how lucky I consider myself that God saw fit to entrust me with their keeping!"

But don't think they are immune to Amee's trained discipline of approaching life ready for anything. She pulls various surprise drills on them all the time. Yes, they are prepared in case of fire, and they know how to secure a room. "We all laugh about it a lot. They enjoy it; we have fun with it. I don't want them to have to fear life, and they won't if they are equipped with the knowledge of what to do in a situation."

A small, methodical, thoughtfully placed tattoo on Amee's inner arm reads, "Vivere." It means to live, plus God enriches. "The greatest privilege of a lifetime is to be exactly who you are," Amee says in her melodic, low voice. "People don't fail. They just stop trying. This may be part of the drive and/or intensity that propels me. Every time you don't approach, every time you don't try, every time you give up on something, every time you just go through the motions, every time you talk yourself out of a new or uncomfortable experience, every time you let your choices be made by another human being, the only person who loses is you."


Up Close:

Family: Husband: Andy Patrick- Current Representative for House Seat 123, former Secret Service, military and police force. Children: Joel, 18; Hannah, 12; Emma, 11; Sasha, 7; and Vlademir, 6.

Hidden Talent:
Plays the piano. Her parents never let her quit even though she hated it. She took lessons for 12 years, and finally loved it when she realized she could play anything put in front of her.

Favorite Food:
Garlic Hummus, grilled chicken and carrots
Grew up in: Skipback, Pennsylvania

Words to live by:
The grass is green where you water it. But you have to $%#@ing water it!

Proud recipient of:
The Order of the Maltese-an award given to a firefighter who most exemplifies the eight perfect points, which are: Love Justice; Live in Truth; Repent of Sins; Sincere & Whole-Hearted; Have Faith; Be Merciful; Endure Persecution; and Give Proof of Humility.