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About the Cover Artist


June 2024 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Rebecca Korpita
by Lindsay Gifford


“Rebecca Stringer Korpita, a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, uses her talent, coupled with her culture and humor, to create pieces that spread warmth throughout the heart.”

We’re excited to bring back Rebecca Korpita for her second Pink Magazine cover. Originally featured on our August 2013 cover, Rebecca is a graduate of William Carey College, where she earned a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She worked as a graphic designer, an illustrator, a creative director, and a registered nurse before returning to art full-time. She paints in acrylics, and licenses her art on a variety of home goods, gifts and accessories, bringing bright, vibrant colors and cheerful subjects into your home.

Most of Rebecca's work is lighthearted, often revealing stories. "I am fascinated by offbeat characters and ordinary, everyday people—their expressions, beliefs, eccentric habits, and quirkiness. I also love to observe people’s relationships with their pets and each other. I find animals, especially dogs and cats, to be wonderfully expressive subjects; their own little everyday agendas are pretty interesting, as well."

In true Southern fashion, Rebecca addresses body image in her work with a humorous approach. "The human figure is one of my favorite subjects, and in my paintings, no one is self-conscious of their body. They have made peace with it and are just carrying on with life. After all, there are many more important things with which to concern themselves."

Rebecca’s art is greatly influenced by her Southern culture and the coastal Gulf area where she lives. “Some of my favorite subjects are tropical locales, quirky New Orleans houses, the beach and seashore, and women and their friendships. Vivid and fun, Rebecca's pieces are brightly colored! Her use of color brings a sense of balance and harmony to her work, which creates a feeling of comfort. "For me, lots of color uplifts me and adds to the happy feeling I want for my subjects. I have tried to be subtle, but I keep getting brighter!" As much as color enhances the mood of her work, so does humor. "I feel we are bombarded with so much sadness, stress, and darkness, I don't wish to go there in my art."

"Being a Southerner, I appreciate family, we bless each other's hearts, and help out when needed. I love Southern expressions, mannerisms, and sayings. People here love a good time, food is very important, and we celebrate the Gulf and all its bounty. I am influenced by the laid-back lifestyle here and inspired by the strong spirit of the people who have survived major catastrophes (like hurricanes and oil spills), rebuilt, reinvented themselves, and helped one another, all while keeping a positive attitude. There is true joie de vivre!"

Meet the three ladies donning our cover entitled “Holiday at the Seashore”: They are friends from the 1920s’ era and feel very confident and put-together in their colorful, risqué bathing suits with matching shoes and swim caps. They are enjoying all the fun and excitement at the boardwalk—the place to be back in the day. All the action around them at their favorite beach spot is exhilarating. People are frolicking, kites are flying, dogs are playing, and none of them are using sunscreen—and they aren’t even worried about it!

The original, as well as well as prints, of this cover piece are available for purchase. To see more of Rebecca Korpita’s work and bring a fun, vibrant,
piece of her work into your life. www.korpita.com (original paintings and giclee prints); www.rebeccakorpita.pixels.com (wall art and gifts);
www.etsy.com/shop/korpita - (original paintings and prints); Facebook: @RebeccaStringerKorpita; Pinterest: Rebecca Korpita

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