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Jonathan Green, a Gardens Corner, SC native, is a nationally acclaimed and awarded professional artist, who graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1982.

“I never thought of life without art. I’ve done art all of my life and had tremendous support from the women of my family—my grandmother, my mother, aunts. I’ve always had the ability to do art within my family because it was looked upon as a special omen, if you will, the fact that someone could create something just based on looking at it. There was a tremendous sense of pride, but not from the prospective of Jonathan Green, the artist, but from the perspective of Jonathan Green having the ability and God-given talent to do these things,” said Jonathan.

His 38-year track record of creating art and his extensive inclusions in museum collections and exhibitions throughout many countries has led to him being considered by numerous art critics and reviewers as one of our nation’s most outstanding American artists. He is consistently highly recognized as a visual master for capturing the positive aspects of American and African-American southern culture, history and traditions.

Artist0318 2“I paint about people from my past. It’s important to me, in terms of an artist of African-American descent and culture, to paint who I am and the people I grew up around. My art tells the stories of my culture and gives a sense of history… these people are connected to me,” Jonathan explained.
Jonathan’s social interests, cultural commitments and exhibitions have brought him international recognition throughout his travels. His art can be found in collections in North America, Europe, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Japan. It is his mastery of color and skillful use of the human figure in both rural and urban environments, which allows him to preserve and share with the viewer a deep sense of community and how the life challenges of work, love and belonging are met.

Since 1982 Jonathan Green has received four honorary doctoral degrees from prestigious universities and numerous awards for his art, social, civic, academic and cultural contributions. In 2017 he was appointed by Charleston, SC Mayor John Tecklenburg with the title of Ambassador for the Arts for the City—one of the most celebrated arts cities in the world.

Mr. Green’s art and talents have been incorporated into productions of ballet, modern dance, music, opera, theatre, literature, film and video documentaries throughout the United States.  However, no matter where he travels he always considers the Lowcountry his home. Currently he resides and paints in his studio located in downtown Charleston.

For more information or to purchase Jonathan Green art please visit Jonathan Green Studios, LLC located at 164 Market Street, Suite 385 in Charleston, SC. His manager Richard Weedman can be reached at (843) 410-1383, or please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To delve more into the world of Jonathan Green art, log onto www.jonathangreenstudios.com and www.jonathangreenposters.com.

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