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About the Cover Artist


May 2024 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Gioia Albano
by Lindsay Gifford


Artist, writer, yoga teacher, and sometime “therapist”, Gioia (pronounced Joy-a) Albano surrounds herself with good vibrations— a balm for healing, connection and soul searching. “I’ve always been inhabited by the certainty that we are in this material world for a reason, and I enjoy exploring the meaning of our presence here through various paths and stages,” Gioia said.Artist0524 2

Born in Italy, Gioia began her artistic journey at an early age through drawing and writing. Then, at the age of 16, a mentor opened the door to painting. She studied fine art in Milan, and after meeting her husband and having children, (2 girls and a boy) she took a 15-year hiatus from art. Throughout those years she moved her art supplies from country to country, as they lived in Denmark, Isle of Man, and Paris, finally landing in the South of France. Gioia said each time they moved, her supplies would be there, just waiting for her to be “ready” again.

One day her daughter said something that sparked her inner soul, and she began to put paint to canvas again. As Gioia and I met on Zoom halfway across the world from each other, her passion and expressive personality (hands flying exuding her Italian heritage) was evident in not only her art, but also in her family and the connections she finds with people viewing her work. Her mindset in returning to art: “What do I wish for my daughters more than anything else?” On a mission, she set out to deeply explore the meanings and shadows of motherhood and womanhood with a deeply personal figurative style, splashed with vibrant colors, myriad textures, mixed media and months of work—all culminating in a creation worthy of connection.

Today, Gioia’s artwork has shifted to a personal abstract style further exploring the subtle dimension of our essence. Her artwork has been highlighted at exhibitions in Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, and in several publications. In addition, she also teaches yoga and is currently writing two books.

This month, Pink Magazine is honored to feature one of her earlier works from 2017 entitled “Generations”. This painting is a study of motherhood, representing relationships and the heritage you hold inside from generations of your past.

Gioia’s journey to self-discovery is brightly-colored and filled with passion visible in every paint stroke. A journey to inspire, evoke joy, and find the subtle vibrations in life that help your soul radiate. In the words of Gioia, “From my soul to yours.”

You can connect with Gioia’s incredible work on her website:
www.albanogioia.com and shop her art, cards, books, and more in her
Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/GioiaAlbanoArt. And, if you’re interested in reproductions, visit: fineartamerica.com/artists/gioia+albano. Follow Gioia’s artistic journey on Facebook (@AlbanoGioiaArt); Instagram (@gioia_albano_art); Twitter; YouTube; and Substack.

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