About the Artist: Carmen G. Junyent


January 2024 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Carmen G. Junyent
by Meredith Millen Deal


We have all heard “the eyes are the mirror of the soul.” And January’s cover artist, Carmen G. Junyent, a native and resident of Barcelona, Spain, has clearly achieved that with her unique concept of painting, with her art pieces expressing an array of sensations and emotions.

This month’s cover, entitled Mirada De Glamour-4, is inspired by the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn. “This work belongs to the collection of paintings titled “GLAMOUR,” where I have painted several portraits inspired by the elegance, glamour, and beauty of women,” Carmen said.Artist0124 2

With clear references to pop art, her art form combines concise and sharp simplicity with refined sophistication. Her style is punchy, colorful, and powerful. Her mysterious, glamorous, young, sensual, and emotional faces are captured with extreme neatness and technical mastery.

A self-proclaimed and self-titled “Tireless Traveler,” Carmen, through her many tours around the world, expanded her fertile imagination which has captured images of men and women from the U.S., Canada, Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Many people and faces in all these places made a deep impact on her, which she explicitly offers us in her work.

Carmen explained her love of drawing and painting since childhood: “I was not aware that in the future it was going to be something so important to me. So important, that I have never stopped drawing and painting.” Due to a series of situations she has lived through, Carmen shared how she utilized her love of painting and how it has always been at her side. “Painting has never abandoned me, especially in the saddest moments of my life, and it has helped me overcome these ordeals... It is my passion, it is my escape…”

Carmen also has a love for photography, which she translates onto the painting canvas, often adding color and boldness. “I try to take photos of people, their looks... they inspire me to paint. Thanks to my photos, I have paintings that I have been able to capture my characters on canvas. I also have paintings made simply from my imagination. I would like my paintings to reach viewers by transmitting good vibes….if I can achieve that, I will feel very satisfied and happy.”

Carmen has also won a number of awards and honors and achieved international recognition with numerous exhibitions in several countries. For four consecutive years, the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts du Paris awarded her the Special Prize, at its exhibitions at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, as well as the "SILVER MEDAL" awarded by the Committee of the 17th International Fair of 'West Lake Art' in Hangzhou, China.

To find out more about Carmen and her work, please follow Carmen’s Facebook page for a full complement of inspired paintings of faces full of human experiences—www.facebook.com/CarmenGomezJunyent. You can also find
and purchase her work at www.artmajeur.com/carmen-g-junyent and www.saatchiart.com/CarmenGJ.

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