Party Favorites for the Holidays

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Photography by Lindsay Gifford & Heather Moon

It is a tradition to have “Appetizer Day” at our Publisher, Elizabeth Millen’s home each year prior to the November magazine coming out. This year, we decided to shake things up a bit and have a “Party Favorites Day” instead. For Party Favorites Day, the entire Pink Magazine staff chose their favorite party recipe, prepared it, and brought it to share, along with the recipe, of course! To add to the fun, we gathered an impressive, eclectic assortment of serving trays from our wonderful advertisers in order to beautifully present our creations. This also allows us to show you that if we can do it, so can you.

Before we shared in the feast, each dish was given star treatment, as it is groomed, garnished and styled for its very own photo shoot. The house was filled with delightful aromas and bustling with people coming in with their delicious dishes. It got us all excited for the upcoming holiday season.
We hope you enjoy these recipes. We have tried them all; rest assured that they all are delicious. You, your family and your guests are in for some decadent treats. Plus, having a beautiful serving tray makes it so easy to turn a simple recipe into a dynamite, showy offering.

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