May 2018


May 2018

May 2018

May 2018 | Vol. 15 No. 5

Featured Profiles

Michele Roldán-Shaw
Hear Me Roar

Lorry Bolton
Giving Globally

Danielle Breidung
Girl on the Move

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Emma Steuer
About the Artist

Reel Corner

OMG! Moments
Pet Pandemonium

Pink Prescriptions
On the Right Tract

Motivational Man
Joe Iaco

Quote of the Month

Skating Uphill

Calendar of Events

Hissy Fit
    ...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

Word About Mom
What a Few Local Business Owners Have to Say

Musings from a Fashion Icon
Inspiration From Visionary Iris Apfel

It it Mother’s Day Again?
Dealing With Difficult Moms

Anxious? Who Isn’t?
Time to Move with Mindfulness

Online Dating, The Finale
with Phoebe Jayne and Elizabeth Millen

You and Your Pet
Office Visits 101

Medical Thermography
Health Discovery Through Cutting Edge Technologyy


Coastal Flavors

It’s What’s For Dinner!


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