Style Takeover - June 2016


MEET MISSY: In 2011 Missy Hartley’s husband, Charlie, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a highly invasive form of brain cancer.  Together, they spent the next two years enduring treatments and living life. Fighting cancer, raising two girls, running a business, and keeping up with the finances shifted their daily existence into survival mode. Charlie passed away in 2013. Missy closed their building supply store and focused on her girls. Hair, makeup and clothes were the last thing on Missy’s mind. The years of heartache and worry left Missy looking and feeling run down.

STEP ONE: Ready for a new look, Missy began her makeover adventure back in January at Island Medical Spa (Sungate Medical Group) in Hilton Head.  Missy‘s condition called melasma, a darkening of the pigment on the face, often appears as a mask and is caused by surges in hormone levels, commonly presenting itself during pregnancy or pre-menopause. Teresa Miller, the Esthetician at the spa, said melasma is difficult to correct. “Many treatments can cause trauma to the skin resulting in more pigmentation.” Teresa’s conservative approach with Missy was to use Retinol over several months, along with laser treatments and hydrafacials. Not only did this serve to lighten the pigmentation, but it also made Missy’s pores appear tighter as her skin built up collagen. Missy returned to Island Medical Spa for her final hydrafacial, which left her skin glowing like that of a woman in her 20s.
STEP TWO: After a relaxing lunch at Red Fish, one of the Pink staff’s favorite restaurants, where we enjoyed Naked Fish and Toasted Cous Cous Salad with roasted vegetables and shrimp, we met up with Sal Piazza, New York hair stylist and Island icon, at Tammy’s Salon so he could work his magic.  Sal added layers to the top of Missy’s hair to lift her hairstyle, creating the illusion of a more oval shaped face. He went with a classic layered cut. He added bronze colored highlights to help bring out the natural red in Missy’s hair to contrast with her hazel eyes.
While Missy sat under the hair dryer, Sal, having cut hair for 63 years, talked about all of the trends he’s seen come back into style over the decades. His philosophy is to keep your hair as healthy and natural as possible. “They say your hair is your crowning glory for a reason. It’s the first thing people notice about you,” he said.

STEP THREE: We met up with Linda Hyslop, owner of The Blue Parrot at Village at Wexford, where Missy chose a handcrafted silver earring and necklace set designed by Christy Decker to accentuate her new look. Accessories can make or break a look!

GRAND FINALE: We returned to Island Medical Spa where Missy teamed up one last time with Teresa for makeup. Teresa applied Dermalogica moisturizer, which keeps makeup from soaking into the skin. Next, she used Jane Iredale products, including mineral pressed powder and blush, choosing coral tones to complement her vibrant blue shirt. She added a smokey color to her eyelids to give contour and fiber lash mascara to help extend her lashes. Lastly, she used a peach colored lip pencil and plum gloss on Missy’s lips as the final pop of color.

TA-DA! Missy’s fresh new look matches her outlook on life. With one daughter on her way to college in the fall and the other entering high school, she is finally ready to reopen the family business, Palmetto Building Supply in Barnwell, SC. It will have the same hardware and paint, but with a little more female friendly feel than before. You can find her there. She will be the prettiest woman you ever saw driving a forklift!

Sungate Medical Group and Island Medical Spa: 4 Dunmore Ct., HHI, 843-689-3322, Teresa Miller, Esthetician, is waiting to see how you, too, can have younger looking skin.
Sal Piazza: Tammy’s Salon Plantation Center, 800 William Hilton Parkway, HHI, 843-785-7339, cell- 843-298-8708, Sal Piazza, Master Colorist and Island Icon – go see Sal for a fresh, new summer look
The Blue Parrot: Village at Wexford, HHI, 843-785-9877; Linda Hyslop, Owner. Visit the Blue Parrot for everything from paintings and sculpture to jewelry.

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