Publisher's Note

"You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: "Did he have passion?" 
-Dean, from the movie Serendipity

Passion is a fiery word. It's an emotion that evokes desire deep within our bodies. It is soul stirring. Sometimes gut wrenching. Always moving.

Passion stands up for what it believes. It gets what it wants. It is decisive and clear. It is sure and knowing.

Passion is alive. It courses through our veins. It causes us to throw our hands in the air and firmly declare, yes!

Passion is exciting. It does not know boredom. It is full of enthusiasm and never thinks enough is enough.

Passion is deep. It is big. It is powerful. When unleashed, it never plays small.

Passion betrays defeat. It does not see failure as the end, only as the beginning of a new trail.

Passion pushes us to do things to which we may otherwise cower. It takes us to a new level.a level we didn't think ourselves capable.

It is hard to sit with passion because it gets you going. It arrogantly leaves procrastination, apathy, and fear in the dust.

Passion is a gift. It fills life with life. It has heart. It is both palpable and infectious.

Passion is free. It lies inside of you in waiting to find someone and something to which it awakens.

Passion is playful. It is also intense. It can be uncomfortable. Mostly, it is unstoppable.

Passion hits the ground running. It pushes us across the finish line. It knows not only how to play the game, but it plays to win.

Passion shows up as a sparkle in your eye, a feeling in your gut. It slyly peeks through your smile and fills every cavity of your being.

Passion puts bounce in our step. It leads the way. It boldly takes us by the hand and confidently, without hesitation, says, "Let's roll. We got this."

Passion is yours. May you always have it, for without passion, it is hard to feel alive.

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